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BLOG Why Seydikemer in Fethiye is the Latest Property Hotspot

12 April 2023 / Properties

Discover Seydikemer of Fethiye - The New Property Hotspot

Although the area remains off the beaten track, Seydikemer in Fethiye is attracting interest in the real estate market. Foreigners buying homes in Fethiye, either for summer holidays or permanent living, are looking in that direction, as are Turks who want a Mediterranean holiday home or to retire somewhere peaceful.

Mention Seydikemer to most people outside of Fethiye; they have probably never heard of it, especially compared to other highlighted spots in Fethiye, like Oludeniz or Calis Beach. Yet, Seydikemer has a certain charm other places cannot match.

Undoubtedly, the COVID pandemic changed trends in real estate markets worldwide. Turkish buyers are now more interested in smaller towns and villages rather than the trend of urban living. In addition, for foreigners buying homes in Turkey, the masses of internet information allows them more independent living styles.

Less bothered about living where other ex-pats live, some seek a lifestyle with seclusion and independency while still enjoying all the modern cons. For both demographics, Seydikemer in Fethiye fits the bill. But why should property buyers consider it? In addition, what are the highlighted spots of Seydikemer to know about?

                                                  About Seydikemer in Fethiye

Seydikemer officially belongs to the Fethiye region on Turkey's southern, Mediterranean coast. This region is part of the Mugla province, which does quite well in terms of tourism and foreign house sales. It is easy to understand why. Mugla has one of Turkey's top touristic airports, that is Dalaman.

Seydikemer Fethiye Turkey

Oh, and then there is the weather. The annual 300 days of sunshine lead to perfect suntans, al fresco dining and days spent on the beach. This is what tourists and foreign house buyers want, easy accessibility and decent weather.

But the prize gems of Seydikemer are landscapes of natural beauty and old-world Turkish charm. Until 2014, Seydikemer was part of the Kemer region but became a second-level municipality because of the increased population. Sitting roughly 40 kilometres from Fethiye, there are approximately 65 villages in the area.

Hence anyone owning property has the best of both worlds; traditional Turkish charm on their doorsteps, but the modern shopping mall, transport network and sailing world of Fethiye is just a short ride away. Seydikemer also has the advantage of being incredibly scenic, with many sites of natural beauty and near historical sites. These pique the interest of hikers and also history buffs.

Quick Facts About Seydikemer

  • Seydikemer belongs to the Fethiye region.
  • The Fethiye region is part of the Mugla province covering Turkey's southwest, Mediterranean coast.
  • Seydikemer is roughly 40 kilometres from Fethiye town centre and 80 kilometres from Dalman airport.
  • The district covers 2020 square kilometres that, include 65 villages
  • The district consists of mountains, plateaus, plains and coastal regions.

Seydikemer Versus Uzumlu

In a way, Seydikemer is the contender or new kid on the block to tap into the popularity of Uzumlu. This is another Fethiye area with a sizeable population of foreigners living there and owning holiday homes. Like Seydikemer, Uzumlu's charm is the off-the-beaten-track location and scenic landscapes.

But many buyers were initially attracted to Uzumlu because the location inland meant cheaper land prices. Hence the properties were more affordable. Some even built their own custom-made villa complete with gardens and pools.

Unfortunately, the lack of available land in Uzumlu drove land prices up over the last decade. This is where Seydikemer steps in with lower prices. In some cases, land and property prices are nearly 40% cheaper than in Uzumlu and 50% more affordable than the prime property areas in Fethiye Centre, like Calis Beach.

Example Property for Sale in Seydikemer

This off-plan detached modern 3-bedroom villa for sale in Seydikemer is found off the beaten track in Kayadibi, around 28-30 minutes south of central Seydikemer, 45-minutes from the fabulous Patara Beach less than 5km from Saklikent Gorge. Village amenities include a mosque, convenience stores, a family medical centre and a primary school.

Property in Seydikemer Fethiye

Construction is yet to start; however, a large land plot is secured, and the local authorities have applied for and granted building permission. This is a great time to purchase an off-plan property at low prices and sit down with the developer to discuss desired changes to the layout and décor so you can design your home.

The plot sits on a quiet country lane surrounded by nature and close to the mountain for a healthy and tranquil lifestyle. The property will be walled and gated with private on-site parking, landscaped gardens, ample terraces for summer outdoor living, a private swimming pool and Jacuzzi.

The current architectural plan is for a duplex 3-bedroom villa, a modern property with an L-shaped layout, lots of glass to enjoy the nature views and a high-pitched tiled roof. Overall an off-plan luxury villa to relocate to an idyllic countryside, great for holidays for nature-loving families or an ideal and affordable investment in Fethiye. See the complete property listing here, or contact us quoting reference number 5582 for more details.

Places of Interest in and Near Seydikemer

So, what nearby places of interest do the people of Seydikemer get to enjoy?

Karadere Beach: Sitting adjacent to Kumlouva Beach, next to the starting point of the neighbouring Patara beach, one of Turkey's longest. The Ozlen water stream meets the sea, and the beach stretches about 5 kilometres. There are selected places to buy snacks and refreshments and vendors to rent umbrellas and sunbeds.

Saklikent Gorge: The name Saklikent means "Hidden City" in Turkish. The gorge gets its name because it was hidden for many years due to its narrow entrance and deep location. The best time to visit Saklikent Gorge is during summer when the water is low enough to walk through the canyon.

Girdev Plateau and Lake: Standing at approximately 1800 metres altitude and roughly 40 kilometres away, the Girdev plateau is near Eren Mountain, where the new ski centre will be built. Near the lake is a high piece of land surrounded by walls, and ancient sarcophagi with lions sit on the north and west of the lake.

Tlos Ancient City: This important Lycian League city was s on a hilltop overlooking the countryside and well-fortified with walls and towers. An impressive feature of Tlos is the acropolis, which includes a large fortress and theatre. The Hellenistic fortress was later expanded by the Romans, in addition to the 5000-seater theatre.

Pinara Ancient City: The city surrounded by pine forests and mountains is a popular destination for tourists interested in ancient history and archaeology. Pinara was an essential Lycian religious centre famous for the Aphrodite temple. The city also had numerous other temples, including one dedicated to Apollo. In addition, it was known for impressive tombs, many of which were carved into rock cliffs surrounding the city.

ErenDag Ski Center: Erendağ Ski Training Center serves daily skiers. The cable car line, which is 1650 meters long, transports 800 people per day. The new long ski track will be completed next year, and a 100-bed accommodation facility will be built in this centre.

Karanlikici Canyon: The dark inner canyon in the Oren neighbourhood, 35 kilometres from Fethiye, is growing in popularity. Local and foreign tourists visit the canyon to explore and enjoy fresh trout. Visitors can also go hiking and swimming, and climbing.

Letoon Ancient City: The site consists of three ancient temples dedicated to the goddess Leto, the mother of the Greek gods Apollo and Artemis. The 4th century BCE temples were an essential Hellenistic religious centre. The site was rediscovered 70 years ago, and archaeologists have uncovered many exciting artefacts and structures.

Summary of Reasons to Buy Property in Seydikemer

  • Land and property prices are between 40 to 50% more affordable than in other prominent places in Fethiye.
  • Be surrounded by beautiful, vast, open landscapes in the heart of nature.
  • Tap into traditional, old-world Turkish charm
  • Reach all modern amenities and main highways within a short drive
  • Sits between the Antalya and Fethiye town centres, providing more choice of locations to visit
  • Rural living rather than urban.
  • Ideal for capital appreciation as a mid to long-term investment.

Find Out More About Seydikemer and Fethiye

At Turkey Homes, we understand buying a property in a foreign country can be daunting, especially if you are unfamiliar with the local market and regulations. So, we assembled our team of knowledgeable and passionate experts. Our team of professionals has years of experience and knows what it takes to make the buying process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

We take pride in our ability to provide personalized services to each client. We understand everyone has unique needs and preferences, and we strive to tailor our services to meet them. We believe owning a property in Turkey is not just a financial investment but also an investment in your quality of life. Therefore, we are committed to helping you discover the best Turkey offers. Contact us if you have questions or are looking for an expert to help you purchase property in Fethiye. The following articles will also be of use.

Property in the Fethiye Area:  From finding the perfect property to negotiating the best price, we are with you at every step. Whether you are looking for a holiday home or an investment property, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals. Browse our portfolio of apartments and villas for sale, and then get in touch if you want to know more about any property or arrange a viewing.

Build Your Own Custom Home: The beautiful Fethiye region is ideal for designing and building your custom home in Turkey. The area on Turkey's southern coast features stunning landscape views, including the backing of Babadag mountain and the fronting of the Mediterranean Sea. As well as annually hosting millions of holidaymakers, the region is also home to many foreign house owners, some of whom live here and some designed their dream homes in Fethiye.

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