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BLOG Why Invest In A Property In Fethiye

2 May 2024 / Properties

Why Buy Property In Fethiye?

From luxury villas to modern apartments and duplex penthouses, if you are asking why buy property in Fethiye, there are many investment and lifestyle reasons. The region already makes a roaring trade in property investments by Turks from around the country and foreigners of various nationalities.  

Some people look at private villas for sale to live here all year round. In contrast, others buy summer holiday homes or investments for generational wealth. Regardless of your reason for looking at homes for sale, Fethiye will delight and surprise you with vast property hotspots.

But naturally, since buying property is a big financial commitment, people want to be confident they are making the right decision, and we totally understand. As a significant property agent in Turkey, we know peace of mind is the first thing buyers want, and regardless of where they buy, knowledge is second because it offers reassurance. So, we compiled this helpful guide to explain the reasons why this all-encompassing region is excellent for property buyers.

Why Buy Property in Fethiye - Turkey

Reasons to invest property in Fethiye

Introduction - Where is Fethiye in Turkey?

Fethiye in southwestern Turkey, in the Mugla Province, is nestled between the calm Mediterranean Sea waters to the south and the northern Taurus Mountains. Fethiye's coastal location makes the region famous for picturesque beaches, azure blue waters, and idyllic marinas. The town boasts a pleasant Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and mild winters, and the backing Taurus Mountains further adds to Fethiye's charm.

These mountains provide dramatic backdrops, offering breathtaking views and numerous outdoor recreational opportunities. Visitors explore hiking trails, discovering hidden waterfalls, ancient ruins, and captivating flora and fauna. Overall, Fethiye's location combines the best of both worlds. This unique geography, pleasant climate, and rich cultural heritage make Fethiye ideal. So, let's look at the reasons for buying.

1: Wide Portfolio of Property for Sale - Villas and Apartments

The Fethiye region offers many properties for sale that suit the demand and preferences of domestic and international buyers. Prices vary per square meter from affordable apartments to luxurious villas with private swimming pools and buy-to-let properties. Still, there is something for every budget and lifestyle. For more affordable housing options, the region easily matches many European cities.

It offers 1 and 2-bed apartments that provide comfortable and convenient living spaces without breaking the bank. Apartment complexes also include swimming pools and landscaped gardens. On the other hand, Fethiye boasts luxurious villas with higher levels of luxury for discerning buyers. These villas often include private pools, spacious gardens, and stunning views. If you want to delve straight into a property search to see what the property market looks like, see our property portfolio.

Oludeniz in Fethiye

2: Gorgeous Weather and Climate in Summer and Winter

Unlike other popular destinations, Fethiye does not face scorching heat waves, allowing residents to enjoy outdoor activities without feeling exhausted or uncomfortably hot. Still, in summer, the weather is warm enough to swim in the sea and sunbath on beaches, while Spring and Autumn are delightfully cool. One advantage of Fethiye's climate is the abundance of sunny days. With over 300 days of sun annually, residents have ample opportunities to soak up the warm rays

In winter, Fethiye maintains an appealing climate. The absence of snow leads to milder winter experiences. Visitors escape the harsh, chilly winters experienced in many other countries and enjoy Fethiye's lovely, moderate temperatures. The weather remains pleasant, with average temperatures in the mid-teens Celsius.

3: Daily Amenities and Facilities for an Advanced Lifestyle

Fethiye City, which has plenty of facilities, is self-sufficient. Advanced amenities enable year-round living in this beautiful country, from shopping malls to vibrant nightlife spots, traditional markets, and dining options. Major Turkish banks include Garanti Bankası, Türkiye İş Bankası, Yapı Kredi Bankası, and Akbank, and ATMs are widely available for convenient cash withdrawals.

Family friendly living in Fethiye

Shopping: Erasta Fethiye, the biggest shopping mall, features various shops, boutiques, international brands, a cinema, a food court, cafes, and entertainment options. Otherwise, Paspatur, Fethiye's historic old town, known for charming cobblestone streets and traditional Turkish atmosphere, features souvenir shops, carpet stores, handicrafts, jewellery shops, and local boutiques for vibrant shopping experiences. Held every Tuesday, the Fethiye weekly Market sells fresh produce, spices, clothing, and household items for authentic experiences.

Dining Out and Nightlife: Fethiye Fish Market (Balık Pazarı) is where local fishermen buy Turkish food, fresh fish and seafood. Many surrounding restaurants cook the seafood, offering unique dining experiences with excellent food. Fethiye's Bar Street is the hub of nightlife, lined with bars, pubs, and clubs offering live music and DJ performances. There is also plenty of waterfront restaurants for al fresco dining.  

4: Great Transportation Network in Fethiye

Fethiye is well-connected to major cities and towns in Turkey through the extensive road and highway network running along the D400 highway.  Well-organized bus systems allow visitors to easily travel between different attractions and neighbourhoods. Additionally, taxi services offer personalized transportation options, and for quirky travel methods, look at the water taxis to neighbouring resorts and Sovalye island.  With excellent transport links, convenient airports, options for independent travellers, and well-maintained roads, Fethiye ensures transportation is never a hindrance to getting around this picturesque region.

5: Perfect Choice for Freehold Properties

All properties sold are freehold. Freehold properties provide full ownership of the building and land on which it stands, including houses, bungalows, and apartments. There is no time limit on ownership; once you purchase it, you own it indefinitely. Freehold owners have complete control without owing ground rent, which means more flexibility for alterations, renovations, and usage, and owners are not bound by leasehold restrictions. Unlike leasehold properties, freehold properties do not require lease extensions or renewals.

6: Affordable Living and Running Costs for House Buyers

Various factors contribute to affordable running and living costs for multiple properties. Compared to other cities in Turkey, like Istanbul and Ankara, the cost of living and annual running costs is significantly lower. Council tax rates are relatively lower than in larger cities, allowing residents to save on this expense. Utilities, including electricity, water, and gas, come at lower costs, and costs, like repairs and renovations, are relatively cheaper than in other cities.

Additionally, Turkey benefits from lucrative exchange rates, particularly for foreign nationals. With favourable exchange rates, foreign currencies stretch further, reducing living costs and average house prices for expats. This includes everyday expenses like groceries, dining out, and leisure activities, allowing individuals to enjoy comfortable lifestyles while spending less.

Fethiye Town Centre

7: Close to Dalaman International Airport

Dalaman, an award-winning airport, quickly catches the attention of tourists and house buyers because it sits so close to Fethiye and adjacent resorts. Easily matching the airports of European countries, the vast international and domestic flights means getting here is accessible, hence the rising property demand from overseas. For transportation, several car rental services are available near Dalaman Airport. In addition to car rentals, public transportation facilities are conveniently situated nearby.

8: Locals Speak English

The level of English proficiency amongst Fethiye's local population is notable due to established expat communities and English speakers in various establishments. Fethiye's popularity among expatriates has led to more English-speaking residents, resulting in higher levels of English proficiency amongst Turkish locals.

English speakers are frequently encountered in shops, bars, and hotels, making communication with locals relatively easy. Most establishments cater to an international clientele and employ staff members who speak English fluently. Living in Fethiye does not require an intense knowledge of Turkish. The English proficiency of locals ensures individuals easily navigate their way through day-to-day activities. 

9: Amazing Views and Landscapes

Situated along the stunning blue Mediterranean Sea, this region has long sandy beaches and picturesque green mountain backdrops. Oludeniz epitomizes this charm with crystal-clear turquoise water and a pristine sandy beach, while Butterfly Valley beach, surrounded by steep cliffs, boasts lush greenery.

Calis Beach perfectly promotes outdoor living with stunning sunsets and panoramic views. At the same time, Kayakoy Ghost Village tells haunting stories with crumbling stone houses. Whether enjoying beautiful Oludeniz, Butterfly Valley tranquillity, Kayakoy Ghost Village's magic, or simply soaking up sun rays at Calis Beach, Fethiye promises unforgettable outdoor living experiences.

10: Part of The Turkish Riviera

Fethiye proudly belongs to the Turkish Riviera, stretching from the Northern Aegean to the Eastern Mediterranean. Additionally, Fethiye is part of the Turquoise Coast. All this means is that sailing is big business on this stretch of coastline, and Fethiye is a significant player. Expect exciting sailing scenes, whether it is a cheap day cruise around the coastline or hiring a luxury, private gulet boat.

Butterfly Valley Fethiye

11: Wise Investment for Mid to Long Term Potential

Compared to many other Mediterranean destinations, property prices are relatively affordable. Fethiye also attracts tourists worldwide because of its historical sites and Mediterranean climate, and the tourism sector, a critical economic driver, consistently benefits the regional real estate portfolio. Combine this with infrastructure development, like new roads, which further enhances Fethiye's appeal to tourists and buyers, and house buyers have the perfect location for a mid-to-long-term investment with ideal capital appreciation.

12: Beachfront Living in Fethiye

Living in a seaside location with a golden beach greatly influences and enriches one's lifestyle, offering relaxation and natural beauty. With such a desirable location, many beachfront properties offer stunning views which create serene atmospheres. Granted, plots of land prices are more expensive near the sea and beaches, but whether you buy in Fethiye city centre or a rural town, expect calm atmospheres.

Beach communities often have strong community vibes, and summers typically bustle with tourists and beach activities, while winters are quieter.  Beach living also connects us with nature, from observing marine life to enjoying sunsets over the water. People dress comfortably, and the pace of life is associated with leisure and recreation, creating escapes from everyday routines.

13: Fethiye Marina and Cosmopolitan Atmospheres

Fethiye Marina, along the scenic coastline, is one of Turkey's best, with berthing and mooring facilities for yachts and boats of various sizes cruising along the Turkish coast. The marina provides electricity, water hookups, fuelling stations, and waste disposal facilities to ensure the convenience of visiting boaters, and skilled technicians and marine services assist with repairs and upgrades.

Shops, boutiques, and waterfront restaurants also offer dining options and host social events, yacht races, and cultural festivals, fostering community among boaters and visitors. Indeed, Fethiye Marina reflects laid-back Mediterranean lifestyles, blending Turkish hospitality with international influences, traditional markets, and bustling waterfront promenades to create vibrant ambiences.

14: Distinct Neighbourhoods and Amazing Locations

Calis Beach: Properties here often boast sea views near cafes and water sports facilities. Choose from apartments, villas, and beachfront properties to enjoy the beautiful sandy beach and waterfront promenade.

Hisaronu and Ovacik: Hisaronu and Ovacik are famous for holiday homes and rental properties. As lively resort towns surrounded by pine-clad mountains, with easy access to beautiful Oludeniz and the Blue Lagoon, choose from apartments and villas and enjoy family-friendly resorts. Both are an ideal location for quieter lifestyles within easy reach of beaches.

Charming Uzumlu: Charming Uzumlu village boasts of countryside scenery. Properties here offer peaceful retreats away from coastal crowds, and are ideal for more authentic Turkish experiences. With main villas and countryside homes for sale, expect rural settings and traditional Turkish village life.

Rural Seydikemer: Seydikemer, nestled amidst beautiful countryside and mountain scenery, primarily features spacious villas and countryside properties with expansive views. Seydikemer is characterized by lush greenery, olive groves, and mountainous terrain, providing picturesque backdrops for residential properties. Residents enjoy peaceful lifestyles with fresh air and a slower pace than other coastal areas. Villa prices in Seydikemer are more affordable because of the inland location, approximately 30-40 minutes’ drive from Fethiye town.

Kayakoy (Ghost Town): Kayakoy is famous for abandoned Greek-style houses and ruins. Many traditional stone houses have been restored and renovated, offering historical charm and modern comfort. Some properties are used as holiday homes or boutique guesthouses, catering to tourists interested in cultural heritage. Kayakoy preserves the Greek and Ottoman heritage and offers secluded environments. Buyers can find unique properties with historical character, but there are restrictions on renovations and construction within Kayakoy. Kayakoy attracts visitors interested in cultural tourism, which impacts accessibility during peak tourist seasons.

Faralya (Kabak): Faralya, also called Kabak, promotes natural beauty, including pristine beaches, lush forests, and dramatic cliffside landscapes. Faralya features upscale villas and eco-friendly resorts on the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Some properties offer direct access to secluded beaches, providing exclusive settings. Providing secluded lifestyles away from crowds and ideal for relaxation and privacy, Faralya, a remote area accessible via narrow mountain roads, requires careful driving and additional travel time to reach Fethiye. Essential services are limited in Faralya, so plan for daily necessities.

Critical Considerations for the Fethiye Region

House Prices: Fethiye offers many attractive options to suit different budgets based on location and property type. Conduct thorough research to find properties that match your budget and investment goals for excellent returns.

Rental Potential: For rental returns in popular holiday destinations, areas like Calis Beach, Hisaronu, and Ovacik offer excellent rental potential due to their popularity among tourists. Consider properties that appeal to renters, like swimming pools, sea views, and attractions.

Legal Assistance: Working with reputable property agents and legal advisors familiar with Turkish property laws and regulations is essential. Ensure all paperwork is in order and you understand the purchasing process, taxes, and fees. Real estate valuation reports are also important.

Infrastructure and Tourists: Check utilities, transportation, healthcare facilities, and schools where you're considering buying property. Essential services will enhance your quality of life and home value. Remember seasonal fluctuations in tourist activity if you rent out your property. Fethiye experiences peak tourism during the summer months, which influences rental income potential.

How to Buy Property in Fethiye

Market Trends: Research property prices, trends, and market conditions. Compare prices in different neighbourhoods and types (apartments, villas, land) to assess affordability and potential return on investment. Also, fill out our chat enquiry form to chat with an agent now. Determine your average price, preferred property type, location (coastal, countryside, urban), size, and investment goals (personal use, rental income, long-term investment).

Legal and Financial Considerations: Hire a reputable bilingual lawyer specializing in real estate transactions in Turkey to review contracts, perform due diligence and ensure compliance with local regulations. Familiarize yourself with ownership laws, taxes, fees, and residency requirements applicable to foreign buyers.

Tax Number and Bank Account: Property buyers in Turkey need a Turkish tax number and bank account for deposit payments and ongoing expenses. We help all buyers with Turkey Homes to do this.

Property Search and Viewing: Choose a reputable local real estate agent who understands the Fethiye property market. We can provide property listings, arranges viewing, negotiate prices, and assists with paperwork. We also take you to visit properties and apartment complexes to assess their condition, location, and surroundings. Take note of any potential renovation or maintenance needs. Evaluate resale values and rental income potential based on location and market demand. Properties near beaches, tourist attractions, and amenities have higher rental yields.

Due Diligence and Inspection: Your lawyer will conduct a title deed search (TAPU) to verify ownership, confirm property boundaries, and check for encumbrances or legal issues. Hire a qualified surveyor or inspector to assess structural integrity, plumbing, electrical systems, and compliance with building codes.

Negotiation and Purchase Agreement: Work with your real estate agent and lawyer to negotiate the purchase price, payment terms, and conditions. Once terms are agreed upon, sign a preliminary sales contract, including payment schedule and completion date.

Finalizing the Purchase: Military searches are no longer required, so house hunters can buy Fethiye property in as little as a week. Complete the transfer of ownership at the Land Registry Office (TAPU office) by submitting the required documents, paying applicable fees, and obtaining the title deed (TAPU). Pay property transfer taxes and registration fees at the Land Registry Office.

Complete the Transaction: Consider the current exchange rate and follow the legal procedure for exchanging and depositing foreign currency. Once all payments and paperwork are finalized, become the legal owner.  Arrange for property management services (if needed) to handle rental homes, maintenance, repairs, and ongoing upkeep. Understand tax obligations related to property ownership in Turkey, including property taxes, income tax on rental income, and potential benefits for residency or citizenship.

Can I Get Turkish Citizenship if I Buy a House in Turkey?

Yes, you can get Turkish citizenship when buying a property if you follow the procedure for the citizenship investment scheme. Only certain houses for sale are eligible for the scheme, mainly in Turkish cities and Istanbul, Turkey's largest city. When enquiring about appointments for property viewing, let us know your purpose, which is the financial investment citizenship program, and we can match you with eligible properties. The benefits of citizenship are immense, and you can find out more about them here.

About Our Property Consultant Services

We are Turkey Homes, and you are in safe hands when you look at villas and apartments for sale in Fethiye with us. Our portfolio of various price ranges makes Fethiye an ideal destination for property investment. Call or email us today, and let us know your requirements and budget. We will send details of suitable properties via email or answer your questions about reasons to buy property in Fethiye.

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