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Faralya Area Guide

Faralya sits on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and is officially part of the bigger Ununyurt village. As one of several small areas including Kabak, Kizilcakaya and Kozagac, these neighbourhoods including Faralya are virtually unheard of on the tourism scene and real estate market of Turkey, so anyone moving to the area, is tapping into the core, authentic version of a Turkish lifestyle.

Things to Do and Getting Around

Much of the lure of Faralya is its quiet, unobtrusive atmosphere making it a beautiful place for yoga retreats or just to relax and unwind among the glory of Fethiye’s flora and fauna. However, from time to time, people want to venture out in which they have a stunning array of landscapes close by.

The Blue Lagoon and Oludeniz beach are widely talked about, and the first is also one of the most photographed destinations in the world, giving testimony to its popularity. Kayakoy Ghost Village is the top tourist attraction in the area and ideal for walkers, and history lovers who also enjoy sampling the traditional dishes of local restaurants.

Nearby, the community of Kelebek Vadesi, known in English as “Butterfly Valley” believes in living at one with nature and this is evident in the rustic atmosphere of their bar, restaurant and camping site. Butterflies only appear during the breeding season, but the main attractions are trekking to the back of the canyon and snorkelling in the crystal blue sea.

Otherwise, Faralya is part of the Lycian way, a trekker’s paradise stretching 550 kilometres along the Mediterranean coastline, taking in fantastic scenery and ancient sites along the way.

Despite its quiet off the beaten track location, locals do not have to go far if they want to kick up the pace a notch. The nearby Fethiye town centre is a hub for everything and anything including shopping, nightlife and sailing for anyone who has the urge to explore a traditional gulet boat trip.

Buying Property in Faralya

Reached via winding coastal road from Oludeniz, with a sheer drop most of the way, newcomers soon realise Faralya is secluded but surrounded with pine clad mountains and forest areas, so most property in Faralya property has terrific views sea views.

Real Estate in Faralya is quite rare as building permission is rarely granted in order to preserve the natural landscape so if you buy property in Faralya, there is no risk of mass urban development ruining your home view and environment.

Faralya won’t suit party goers because the village only has a select few restaurants and a handful of local shops for your everyday needs. The short drive to Oludeniz, Hisaronu and central Fethiye offers you everything that Faralya does not have including nightlife, stores and supermarkets.

Property buyers find owning a car is essential in Faralya because some homes are a significant distance away from main bus routes that only run at certain times of the day.

If a laid-back, authentic lifestyle is what you search, then a home in Faralya could be for you. Tranquil and peaceful with fantastic panoramic views, should you have the budget to invest in Faralya property, there is the potential to earn a decent rental income from holidaymakers eager to get away from the main touristic route.

For more details of current homes on the market in Faralya or for extra information on the Fethiye region and buying property in Turkey, contact us today, and we will respond within 24 hours.



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