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Can I Get Turkish Citizenship by Buying A House?

As real estate agents, many foreign clients ask if they can get Turkish citizenship by buying a house. Our answer is yes, because Turkey has a program that allows buyers to invest in property for[...]

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Are Property Prices Falling In Turkey?

Eager real estate investors looking for countries with falling house values should know property prices are not falling in Turkey. According to the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, over the[...]

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Why Uzumlu In Fethiye Attracts Foreign Property Buyers

Uzumlu in Fethiye is not one of the Turkish property market’s hotspot destinations, yet over the last year has seen increased buyers of many different nationalities. Sitting a 30-minute drive[...]

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Why Is Property So Cheap In Turkey?

As a real estate agent with clients worldwide, some ask us why is property so cheap in Turkey? With starting prices of roughly $40,000 to $50,000 for an apartment, it is an excellent question. Before[...]

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Where Should I Buy Property in Turkey?

If you are wondering where to buy property in Turkey, get ready for an avalanche of choices. Turkey is a vast country, the 37th largest globally, and thousands of cities, towns and villages stretch[...]

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The Eyup District in Istanbul: A Prime Spot for Property Buyers in Turkey

The Eyup district in Istanbul comes to the forefront as a famous outskirt district to buy a home. Eyup, also called Eyupsultan because of its historical importance, first operated as an individual[...]

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Skywalk Fethiye and the Transformation of the Region

Everyone is buzzing about Skywalk Fethiye, a new cable car project awaiting official opening by Turkey’s president. Fethiye is already a famous touristic district and home to many expats who[...]

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Guide to Buying a Second Home in Turkey: Property Tips for Foreigners

So, you have a dream of buying a second home in Turkey and are a little bit daunted by the process. We understand this. Buying property in your home country is stressful, let alone another country[...]

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The Best Place to Buy a Holiday Home in Turkey

When choosing the best place to buy a holiday home in Turkey, get ready for an avalanche of choices. As one of the world’s top tourist destinations with over 7000 kilometres of coastline,[...]

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Why the Fethiye Region is Emerging as a Power Player

These days, when it comes to Turkey's housing market, the focus is on Fethiye. Having already been a favoured destination for tourists and house buyers for many decades, recent local efforts by[...]

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