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BLOG How To Prepare For A Property Viewing Trip In Turkey

18 February 2022 / Properties

About Property Viewing Trips in Turkey

Property viewing trips in Turkey are still popular despite recent virtual viewing appointments and online purchasing trends. During COVID lockdowns, we saw an increase in virtual viewings. However, once they lifted, people still like to view their real estate purchases in person, so they reverted to booking flight tickets to meet us in person. But, of course, money drives this. Buying property is not something we do on a whim, regardless of Turkey's quick and straightforward buying process.

Every year, we get a few clients who purchase online or through a third party, like a solicitor. But mostly welcome thousands of foreigners on viewing trips who want to invest in property in Turkey. Some are highly prepared with questions, while others are nervous because they don't know how regional real estate markets work and how to spend their money wisely. So, we put together our trips and advice on preparing for property viewing trips to ensure a wise real estate investment.

About Property Viewing Trips In Turkey

1: Financial Property Budgets

Before embarking on any property viewing trip, know your budget. In addition to property prices, factor in additional money for closing costs like taxes, land registry fees, notary, translator, utility connection or name swap and solicitor fees. Closing costs come in at roughly 8 to 10 per cent. Whenever someone inquires about property in Turkey through us, we give sample payment plans detailing all staged payments and, in addition, closing costs of what to pay and when. In addition, with new or off-plan property, factor in furniture costs. Also, set a budget for the viewing trip, including flights, hotels, and meals.

2: Reason for Buying Property in Turkey

Before stepping off that plane, know your reason for buying. Some buyers get side-tracked by unique homes for sale, but if they don't fit your lifestyle, the property purchase will end up being a mistake. For example, if you want to buy for investment, choose an area with high predicted capital growth. Local projects boosting infrastructure or tourism markets promote these areas’ profiles. One such place, Istanbul's outskirt districts are transforming new neighbourhoods through large lifestyle residences. In addition, local councils invest millions in transport and shopping facilities. However, if you want a property for the summer holidays or making passive income from holiday rentals, look at the top tourist destinations of Aegean and Mediterranean Turkey.

3: Buying Criteria

Also, write down what you want from a Turkish property. Examples include a villa, penthouse, or apartment. If buying in an estate, do you want a swimming pool, or for an apartment, a complex with a communal swimming pool? Other examples include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, solar heating, air-conditioning, built-in appliances, fitted wardrobes, large terraces, or balconies. You might want to be within walking distance of beaches, schools, or shops. Sit down and think about what your ideal Turkish property looks like.

4: Find Properties in Turkey to View

You can start searching for properties before booking flight tickets. Our portfolio of apartments and villas includes properties across Turkey in many popular and remote locations, including Antalya, Fethiye, Bodrum, Istanbul, Uzumlu, Didim, Bolu and Trabzon. Our listings include everything to know, including price, location in Turkey, home features and area description. Use contact details to find out more about viewing via email or call us quoting reference numbers. Alternatively, get in touch, let us know your budget, desired location, and criteria, and we can send properties for sale via email. Additionally, if you have any questions, we will answer them.

5: Start Your Viewing Trip

When you want to start viewing, book your flights and hotels. If you want us to arrange airport pick-ups, let us know the flight details. Otherwise, get in touch to make an appointment with our local sales reps, who will be your point of contact. Upon first meeting, our agents will introduce themselves and ask questions to clarify what you want. You might already know where to buy in Turkey, but we give neighbourhood tours when viewing the property if you don't.

This helps gauge where shops, banks, restaurants, bars, schools, and transport networks are. If purchasing a complex apartment, we discuss their management plan. This comes under Turkey's condominium law and covers upkeep and maintenance of communal areas. Each apartment pays monthly maintenance fees and holds annual meetings to discuss future work. In addition, if you buy a private villa, we give details of local pool companies if you don't want to do that yourself.

6: Choosing Property to Buy

Regional real estate markets in many areas of Turkey feature many homes for sale, so don't compromise on any aspect. You will easily spot your dream home. Once you decide, we draw up payment plans, help you open a Turkish bank account and get a tax number. You then pay a deposit and tell your solicitor to draw up contracts to start the process. Get a complete idea of the purchasing process here; however, as your estate agent in Turkey, we handle everything and keep you thoroughly knowledgeable at all times. Then, depending on if finances and paperwork are in place, receive your title deeds in as little as seven days, and become a proud property owner.

Also About Buying Property in Turkey

Why Property in Turkey is Cheap: As a real estate agent with clients worldwide, some buyers ask why the property is cheap in Turkey. With starting prices of roughly $60,000 for an apartment, it is easy to see why Turkey attracts foreign buyers. However, some regional housing markets in Turkey make a roaring trade in luxury properties. Therefore, to buy cheap property, look at regions than Turkey overall. This article discusses those regions.

Is Turkey a Good Place to Live? Occasionally, clients ask us about living in Turkey. The country offers much to anyone contemplating moving here. Turkey's Ministry of Interior Directorate General of Migration Management says that in 2021, 1,166,000 foreigners held either a short term, family, student, or another type of residence permit. These permits allow foreigners to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days. This article discusses their reasons for moving and what to expect if you decide to do the same.

About Us: Founded by Tolga Ertukel, who has more than 20 years of experience in selling Turkish property, we have offices in London, Istanbul, Fethiye, Bodrum and many other regions in Turkey. We work with overseas buyers to help them find their dream home by offering independent, impartial, and expert knowledge. Call us today if you want to know more about regional real estate markets or property viewing trips in Turkey.

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