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BLOG What is the Best Advice for Buying a House in Turkey?

17 February 2024 / Properties

The Best Advice for Buying a House in Turkey

When considering advice for buying a house in Turkey, we have many tips for wise real estate investments to work in your favour. Whether you have questions about average prices, foreign investment rules, capital gains, contractual obligations or how to find your dream home, Turkish housing markets work perfectly if you know what you are doing. Many foreigners, despite being lured by sun, sea and sand lifestyles, see buying Turkish property or land as daunting.

However, it isn't. In fact, Turkey has an easy house-buying process. Instead, foreign buyers are deterred by their lack of knowledge, the Turkish lira's different currency, and language barriers. Whether you want to look at luxury or budget homes, the Turkish property market of this foreign country makes it easier to buy property than most other countries, including Spain, Portugal and France. As well as affordable property prices, foreign investors find it easy to find support and guidance. But here are some tips and advice to get you started.

Advice for Buying a House in Turkey

Buying Turkish Homes

Understand Regional Real Estate Markets in Turkey

Before diving into the buying process, thoroughly understand regional real estate markets. Turkey offers residential property, from luxurious villas along the Mediterranean coast to cosy apartments in bustling cities like Istanbul. Understanding market trends, varied investment property prices, and legal frameworks helps home buyers make informed decisions.

Generally, foreigners rarely buy in the East because it is landlocked away from beaches and offers more conservative lifestyles. Additionally, Middle Eastern buyers prefer Turkey's North coast and places like Trabzon or Bursa because they find remarkable similarities in cultures and traditions. Russians, Germans, Brits, and other nationalities buying holiday homes or moving here prefer Turkey's Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. In contrast, real estate investors like the big city vibes of Istanbul, Izmir, and Ankara capital city. Foreign buyers tend to avoid commercial property and instead stick to residential.

Only Work with Knowledgeable Real Estate Agents

Credible agents are allies in the home-buying process. Look for an agent with in-depth local market knowledge, excellent negotiation skills, and records of successful transactions. Communicate your preferences and priorities clearly, and trust their expertise to help find the right property. Agents assist with scheduling viewings, making offers, navigating complexities of contracts and negotiations, and legalities of land registry offices. Most foreign citizens choose an estate agent who speaks their language simply because Google Translate still makes mistakes. They should also outline commission fees so there are no hidden costs.

Understand the Property Purchase Process

Every real estate buyer should understand and know the purchase terms, whether buying a budget villa or luxury apartments. Any good real estate agent explains processes carefully and answers questions to ensure a smooth purchase. Property buyers can also find information on the internet about what to expect. From our experience, foreign property buyers are less stressed when they know what is happening and what the next step is. Foreigners can buy up to 30 hectares and don't need military clearance anymore. But other aspects of understanding include the property title deeds, the property transfer process, property valuations, and how the exchange of money occurs.

Budget Wisely and Assess Your Financial Situation

Establishing realistic budgets is essential when buying houses in Turkey. Consider the purchase price and taxes, fees, and maintenance expenses. Factor in currency exchange rates and set aside contingency funds to cover unexpected costs or fluctuations. Before starting to house hunt, assess your financial situation thoroughly and determine how much to spend by considering your income, savings, monthly expenses, and existing debt obligations. When buying any good agent, will present you with a list of expected costs, and payment terms so you are aware of what expenses to pay out.

Apartments in Turkey

Define Your Needs and Wants in a Home

Before browsing listings, define your needs in a home. Create must-have features, like number of bedrooms and bathrooms, location, proximity to schools or work, and specific amenities. Distinguish between non-negotiable requirements and desirable features to compromise on if necessary. This helps streamline searches and focuses on properties that align with your priorities. Start by identifying your preferences – whether you want a seaside retreat, city apartment, or rural getaway, and utilize online resources, real estate agencies, and local property listings to explore different options.

Know Your Reason for Buying Property

People buy for one of three reasons: to use it as a holiday home, for permanent retirement and a residency permit, or for investment through capital appreciation or rental income. Knowing your reason determines what type of property and ideal location to purchase and helps real estate agents match suitable properties for sale. Holiday homes tend to be more compact and near beaches, whereas more spacious homes for living are in town centres. If your reason is purely investment, then off-plan homes with long-term interest-free payment plans or cash discounts are ideal.

Carry Out Local Neighbourhood Research and Future Plans

Research neighbourhoods thoroughly before deciding. Consider safety, school districts, access to amenities, commute times, and future development plans. Visit neighbourhoods at different times to experience vibes and atmospheres. Also, speak to local residents or real estate agents for insights into the area's pros and cons.

Property Viewings and Inspections – What to Look For

Property viewings give prospective buyers a firsthand look at the condition, surroundings, architectural quality, and neighbourhood. Pay attention to construction quality, amenities, and potential renovation or improvement needs. If visiting in person isn't feasible, arrange virtual tours or request detailed photographs and videos from the seller or agent.

Home buyers need an evaluation report, which real estate agents should arrange. If you buy an apartment in a complex with more than eight buildings, ask to see the management plan and talk to the committee. Whereas if you buy a villa with a private swimming pool, ensure the pool has a licence. Look for any renovations or additional rooms, and check if building licenses exist for them.

Negotiate Wisely on the Selling Price

Negotiation is an integral part of and essential to approaching home buying strategically. Work with real estate agents to craft competitive offers that reflect the value and market conditions. Consider comparable sales, the condition, and the seller's motivations when determining your offer price, and be prepared to negotiate terms like purchase price, closing costs, repairs, and contingencies. Remain flexible and open to compromise while advocating for your best interests.

Villa in Turkey

Will You Need a Residence Permit?

This doesn't apply to people who buy a holiday home, but buyers who want to stay in their property for more than 90 days out of 180 days need residence permits. If you apply for residence based on property ownership, you need a minimum value of $200,000.

Are you Eligible for the Turkish Citizenship Program?

If you buy luxury property worth at least $400,000 and then pledge to keep it for at least three years, you can apply for Turkish citizenship through an investment program if you have a clean criminal record in your country. The Turkish citizenship by investment scheme extends to applicants and their families, giving them the same rights to live, work, and study as Turkish citizens and receive Turkish passports. The citizenship by investment program is an easy and fast golden visa program, especially compared to European countries like Spain and Portugal.

Keep Informed of Changing Rules and Regulations

Changing rules and regulations infuriate foreign buyers. We totally understand, but unfortunately, this is how the world works, and it is a common complaint in most European countries and around the globe. Thankfully, in most towns, expat communities share updated information. Maintain good relationships with estate agents to keep abreast of any rules. Turkey also publishes newspapers in English to follow for any changes related to property purchases, the real estate sector, investment, or living in Turkey.

Turkish Citizenship By Investment

Should I use an Independent Lawyer to Buy a Home in Turkey?

Some foreign buyers wonder if they should hire an English-speaking lawyer. As a guide, Turkish law doesn't require lawyers to purchase a house, but most foreign buyers do it simply for peace of mind. The team of lawyers performs legal checks and diligence processes. Most reputable estate agents have already done this, but using a third-party Turkish lawyer gives buyers confidence. Additionally, having notarized contracts gives more peace of mind. For buyers who are not in Turkey, they appoint lawyers to be their power of attorney to sign title deeds.

Four Most Popular Places to Buy Property in Turkey

Real Estate Sector of Istanbul: For high rental yields, investors and those who want to be citizens by investment applicants head to Istanbul's dynamic housing markets. Some expensive districts like Besiktas command Turkey's highest prices per square meter, but investors are heading to outskirt European districts for off-plan investment homes. For foreign purchases, Istanbul's city centre is Turkey's top destination, with many property agents listing apartments for sale. This dynamic housing market features attractive business opportunities and commercial spaces.

Property Market of the Antalya Region: For stunning natural beauty and amazing views, Antalya fairs as another popular place with foreign home buyers. With affordable prices in areas like Alanya, a property search also covers several districts, including golfing Belek and Historical Side. Regardless of property type, expect blue flag beaches and delightful coastal towns portraying Mediterranean Turkey. Any foreign investors searching for beachfront property should head here. Antalya city centre is one of Turkey's top tourist destinations.

Guide to the Fethiye Region: With areas like Calis Beach, Hisaronu, Ovacik, Uzumlu and Fethiye town centre, real estate properties in Fethiye are excellent value for money. Villas for sale command beautiful views, Fethiye city centre has good shopping choices, and the central bus station has frequent transport schedules across Turkey. Local housing markets feature ideal homes for use in holidays or permanent living, and nearby Dalaman airport has good international flight schedules.

Property Types in the Bodrum Region: This area suits foreign home buyers looking at luxury homes for sale. Elevated land means most properties offer fantastic sea views, and hedonistic lifestyles shine through in sailing circles. The bustling city centre is where it all happens. Still, other popular coastal towns boasting beautiful residential properties include Gumbet, Torba, and Gundogan. Yalikavak shines through with millionaire homes for sale.

Use Our Services in Turkey

Buying property in Turkey is rewarding but requires careful planning, research, a due diligence process, and expert guidance. By understanding market dynamics, legal framework, and investment opportunities, buyers make informed decisions and find the perfect property. Turkey offers options for every lifestyle and budget, whether it is a vacation home, fantastic sea views, business opportunities, or permanent residence. With our advice and support, your dream of owning a house in Turkey becomes a reality. Start your property search here, or call today and chat with an agent for more tips and advice for buying a house in Turkey.

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