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15 January 2024 / Properties

Why Buy Property in Istanbul?

Real estate investors asking for reasons to buy property in Istanbul should get prepared for a bountiful list. To be clear, Istanbul is Turkey's most prominent city, and the real estate market is no different. Of all Turkish cities, Istanbul is the king for foreign investors. The investment options and their varied property prices are endless, and the market is no different; an ever-revolving circle of buyers and sellers swapping legal documents.

Istanbul also easily outranks significant cities in European countries for property prices, putting it on the map for exclusivity. If you are looking for property in Istanbul with excellent purchase prices, contact us today. In the meantime, what are the main reasons to consider this fantastic city?

Reasons to Buy Property in Istanbul

Reasons to buy property in Istanbul

Istanbul is an Alpha City

An alpha city describes cities of foreign countries based on their global economic and political significance. This classification system was introduced by the Globalization and World Cities (GaWC) Research Network, which identifies cities that play crucial roles in shaping and influencing international affairs. Alpha cities are typically major hubs for finance, commerce, culture, and innovation, and the global economic network.

These cities are characterised by their advanced infrastructure, diverse economies, and extensive connectivity in terms of transportation and communication. Examples of alpha cities include New York, London, Tokyo, and, in the case of Istanbul, its global significance is acknowledged by its classification as an alpha city. As Turkey's cultural and economic heartbeat, Istanbul is pivotal, making significant contributions to the world stage and being the ideal place for a property purchase.

Istanbul's skyline testifies to its alpha status, adorned with popular tourist destinations such as the Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, and the bustling Grand Bazaar, alongside contemporary structures that reflect its forward-thinking spirit. Bustling streets, lined with cafes, food markets, and cultural institutions, underscore arts, entertainment, and intellectual pursuits. Istanbul's allure lies in its physical grandeur and its ability to harmonise tradition with innovation, making it an alpha city that captivates the world's attention.

Ideal Geographical Location

Istanbul, straddling the central location between the European continents and Asia, has long been a geographical crossroads that has shaped history and remains a pivotal player in the contemporary global property market. Its unique location at the intersection of two continents, separated by the Bosporus Strait, has endowed Istanbul with unparalleled strategic importance throughout the ages.

The geographic location enabled the Ottoman Empire to dominate key trade routes, facilitating cultural exchanges and economic growth. Today, Istanbul remains a geographical linchpin as Turkey's economic hub. The Bosporus Strait, connecting the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, is one of the busiest waterways globally, facilitating the transit of goods and energy resources.

Istanbul's vital role in transportation has been further amplified by its extensive network of roads, bridges, and airports, making it a critical logistical centre. Economically, Istanbul stands tall, housing the headquarters of numerous multinational corporations. Its diverse and thriving economy encompasses finance, technology, manufacturing, and trade, attracting domestic and international investors.

Diversity of Urban Life and City Vibes

At the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Istanbul pulsates with vibrant rhythms of diversity in its vibrant culture, food variety, lively nightlife, and urban landscapes. One defining feature is the coexistence of tradition and modernity. In the historic districts, such as Sultanahmet and Fatih, ancient landmarks like the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque share the skyline with narrow cobblestone streets, where vendors peddle spices and artisans craft traditional goods.

The call to prayer resonates from minarets, intertwining with the hum of daily life. Yet, just a short distance away, the European and Asian sides boast modern marvels like the Istanbul Sapphire Tower and the business districts, showcasing a commitment to progress. Neighbourhoods like Kadikoy on the Asian side buzz with the energy of youth, where trendy cafes, art galleries, and nightlife venues create a contemporary and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Beyond the visual and culinary tapestry, Istanbul's diversity extends to its people. The city is a melting pot of ethnicities, religions, and socioeconomic backgrounds. From the conservative neighbourhoods of Fatih to more liberal areas like Beyoglu, Istanbul is a city where people from all walks of life intersect.

Turkish Real Estate

New Developments on the Outskirts

As Istanbul continues to evolve, outskirt districts are surging in transformative real estate options, reflecting modern urban living and a commitment to sustainable growth. The expansion of residential projects on the periphery alleviated urban congestion, created burgeoning communities at affordable real estate prices, and presented an incredible opportunity to invest in Istanbul.

These developments are reshaping the skyline with carefully designed residential complexes, incorporating parks, jogging trails, and recreational areas that enhance the quality of life for residents. Such initiatives address the need for housing and contribute to environmental sustainability efforts. Modern architectural designs, smart home technology, and energy-efficient features are becoming integral to these projects. Hence, residents enjoy contemporary lifestyles that combine comfort, connectivity, and eco-friendly living.

With improved transportation infrastructure, including highways, bridges, and public transit options, these new neighbourhoods offer convenient access to the city centre and business districts. This accessibility attracted local and international buyers seeking a balance between urban connectivity and a tranquil living environment.

Furthermore, the new housing developments on the outskirts decentralise urban population density. This shift not only relieves pressure on core infrastructure but also fosters the creation of diverse communities. Residents in these popular destinations often enjoy a stronger sense of community, with neighbourhood events, cultural activities, and local markets.

Varied Real Estate Portfolio

With its rich history, dynamic culture, and strategic location, Istanbul offers a diverse range of properties for sale, catering to a broad spectrum of preferences and needs at reasonable average prices per square meter. From historic mansions with breathtaking views to modern real estate for sale in bustling neighbourhoods, the housing market is a kaleidoscope of options that mirror the multifaceted character of this vibrant metropolis.

Ottoman-era mansions, known as "yalıs," along the shores of the Bosporus, exude timeless elegance and offer a luxurious lifestyle infused with history. In contrast to historical charm, Istanbul's city centre and surrounding districts host modern apartments and condominiums. Towering skyscrapers and contemporary residential complexes redefine the skyline, providing residents with state-of-the-art amenities and proximity to vibrant cultural and commercial hubs. These properties appeal to urbanites desiring the convenience of city living and access to many services and entertainment options.

Gated communities and suburban development projects are home to spacious villas, townhouses, or modern apartments set against a backdrop of greenery. Thriving business districts are home to modern office towers catering to multinational corporations and local businesses. Retail enthusiasts can explore a variety of commercial spaces, from historic bazaars and markets to modern shopping centres.

Istanbul's housing market is not limited to traditional residential and commercial properties. The city offers opportunities for those interested in cultural preservation by purchasing restored historic buildings, providing a chance to contribute to Istanbul's architectural heritage. Diverse property offerings cater to several preferences, ensuring prospective buyers find a residence or investment that aligns with their unique lifestyle and goals. (See property for sale in Istanbul.)

Modern Architecture in Istanbul

Istanbul, a city steeped in history and cultural heritage, is also a canvas for avant-garde expressions of architectural quality, ensuring an excellent investment climate. As the metropolis evolves into a global hub, the skyline undergoes a remarkable transformation, with cutting-edge designs and innovative structures that redefine Istanbul's visual identity and give growth potential.

Levent and Maslak, two key business districts, showcase a concentration of sleek, glass-clad towers that stand as symbols of economic prowess and urban sophistication. Notable examples include the Sapphire Tower, an architectural marvel that graces the skyline and holds the title of one of Istanbul's tallest buildings, offering breathtaking views.

Contemporary residential complexes reshape the urban landscape, introducing innovative designs prioritising functionality and aesthetics.  Architects increasingly incorporate eco-friendly practices, with green roofs, energy-efficient systems, and natural lighting solutions becoming integral components of these modern dwellings.

The commitment to preserving historical charm while embracing the future is evident in restoring and repurposing historic buildings. Adaptive reuse projects transform old warehouses, factories, and Ottoman-era structures into modern spaces for commercial, cultural, or residential purposes. These endeavours breathe new life into Istanbul's architectural heritage and contribute to sustainable urban development. (Learn about the best places to buy Istanbul property.)

New Istanbul Airport

The New Istanbul Airport, inaugurated in 2018, has swiftly risen to prominence, solidifying Istanbul's status for international air travel. This colossal infrastructure project, designed to accommodate the ever-growing demand for air travel and positioned at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, carries significant economic, cultural, and strategic importance, making it a linchpin in global aviation.

The airport's strategic position connects major cities and regions worldwide, facilitating seamless international travel and transforming Istanbul into a global crossroads for millions of passengers annually. Its modern infrastructure, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ensures efficient and comfortable travel experiences for passengers and establishes Istanbul in the aviation industry.

The airport's expansive cargo facilities contribute to global supply chains, fostering trade and commerce. Additionally, the airport has spurred the development of surrounding areas, creating opportunities for businesses, hospitality, and various service industries, further enhancing Istanbul's economic vitality.

The Airport's role extends beyond transit into layovers and extended stays. The airport's strategic marketing initiatives and historical and cultural attractions encourage travellers to explore during stopovers, contributing to tourism sectors and enhancing global appeal.

Homes in Turkey

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Scheme

In a strategic move to attract foreign investors and bolster its real estate sector, Turkey introduced the Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment Program, offering a unique pathway for individuals seeking dual citizenship. With its rich cultural tapestry and thriving property market, Istanbul stands at the forefront of this initiative.

The Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program, launched in 2018, enables foreign nationals to acquire Turkish citizenship through the purchasing process of property. Investors who meet the stipulated criteria, including a minimum investment threshold in USD, not Turkish lira, and with a real estate residence permit, are granted the opportunity to secure Turkish citizenship for themselves and their immediate family members. This initiative has significantly contributed to Istanbul's real estate sector, putting the city ahead of Ankara, the capital city of Turkey.

Istanbul, as Turkey's economic, cultural, and historic heart, has become a focal point for those considering investment under the citizenship program. Investors are drawn not only by the prospect of Turkish citizenship but also by the potential for solid returns on their investments in a city that continues to experience rapid urban development.

The Turkish government's decision to link citizenship with real estate aligns with Istanbul's ambitious urban transformation projects. These projects enhance infrastructure, create modern living spaces, and stimulate economic growth. Beyond the tangible benefits of real estate ownership and citizenship, investors are captivated by Istanbul's unique blend of historical charm and modern vibrancy.

Services, Transport and Infrastructure

Istanbul has consistently invested in its services, transport, and infrastructure to meet the demands of its dynamic population and global visitors. The commitment to modernity is evident in its well-developed services, popular neighbourhoods, central districts, efficient transportation systems, and robust infrastructure, making Istanbul a cultural gem and a model of urban sophistication against European cities.

Services: Istanbul boasts various public services that cater to residents and visitors alike. The healthcare sector is robust, with modern hospitals and medical facilities offering world-class services. Educational institutions, from prestigious universities to international schools, provide quality learning opportunities. Telecommunications, banking, and administrative services are streamlined, contributing to the ease of business and fostering conducive environments for locals and expatriates.

Transport: Istanbul's strategic location necessitates well-connected and efficient public transport connections. The city is serviced by excellent transport links, including buses, trams, and ferries, which allow residents to navigate the city seamlessly. The Metro, with its expanding lines, connects various districts, reducing travel times and promoting sustainability. The iconic Istanbul Tunnel and Eurasia Tunnel facilitate easy commuting between the European and Asian sides, alleviating traffic congestion, and well-organised taxi services and rideshare options provide flexible transportation solutions. At the same time, integration with international air travel is exemplified by the state-of-the-art Airport.

Infrastructure: Istanbul is committed to modern urban living and mega projects. The city has invested extensively in road networks, bridges, and tunnels to improve connectivity. The Bosporus bridges, including the iconic Fatih Sultan Mehmet and the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridges, facilitate transportation and stand as architectural landmarks. Regeneration projects, like historic neighbourhoods and modern business districts, demonstrate Istanbul's dedication to sustainable urban development. Istanbul also prioritises earthquake-resistant building standards, ensuring the safety and resilience of its infrastructure.

Luxury Housing in Istanbul

Flourishing markets for luxury homes have emerged, offering discerning residents an unparalleled blend of luxury, comfort, and breathtaking views. From prestigious waterfront mansions to luxurious apartments, the skyline is punctuated by sleek, modern skyscrapers that house luxury apartments and penthouses.

Penthouses: In neighbourhoods like Besiktas, the financial district of Levent, and Maslak, high-rise living offers panoramic vistas. These residences, equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, smart home technologies, and personalised concierge services, redefine urban luxury. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide stunning views, creating an ambience that marries modernity with captivating historical backdrops.

Waterfront Estates: Istanbul's proximity to water provides an array of waterfront villas for sale along European and Asian shores. From villas in lush greenery to contemporary homes with private beach access, these waterfront properties offer residents a serene retreat within the bustling metropolis. Waterfront living combines the tranquillity of coastal living with the convenience of city access, creating a unique and sought-after lifestyle.

Exclusive Residential Complexes: Gated residential complexes have become a hallmark of luxury living. These developments, often featuring expansive landscaped grounds, private security, and amenities like spas, fitness centres, and private cinemas, provide a secluded oasis. Modern designs, high-quality finishes, and a focus on privacy distinguish these exclusive residential complexes, attracting those prioritising a premium living experience.

Cultural Heritage Residences: For those with a penchant for historic charm, Istanbul offers luxury residences within meticulously restored Ottoman-era buildings. These properties seamlessly blend rich cultural heritage with contemporary comforts, featuring high ceilings, original architectural details, and proximity to Istanbul's iconic landmarks. These cultural heritage residences provide residents unique connections to history while enjoying luxury. (See luxury property in Istanbul.)

It is Easy to Buy Property in Turkey

Turkey draws in international buyers with a streamlined and straightforward process that facilitates homeownership. The ease of buying property in Turkey combines investor-friendly policies, a transparent legal framework, and a welcoming environment for foreign investors.

Foreigner-Friendly Legislation: Turkey has implemented measures to encourage foreign investment. The legislation allows foreign property buyers from many countries to buy in Turkey without any restrictive conditions, fostering a climate of openness and accessibility. The reciprocity principle ensures that Turkish property ownership rights are extended to citizens of nations that permit Turkish citizens to buy property in their home countries.

Transparent Legal Procedures: The legal process for buying property is transparent and well-regulated. Foreign buyers can easily navigate the system with the support of qualified real estate professionals, lawyers, and translators who can assist in the transaction process. The Turkish Land Registry Directorate oversees property transactions, providing a reliable and secure environment for property transactions, and the precise legal framework ensures buyers understand the procedures comprehensively and safeguards their interests throughout the buying process.

Efficient Purchase Process: The property purchase process is efficient and user-friendly. Once a buyer identifies a property of interest, the transaction process typically involves a series of steps, including obtaining a tax number, opening a bank account, conducting a title deed search, and completing the sales contract. With experienced real estate agents, legal professionals, and notaries, foreign buyers can smoothly navigate these steps, making the overall process relatively hassle-free.

Competitive Real Estate Market: The competitive nature of the Turkish real estate market often works to buyers' advantage. With a wide array of choices and varying price points, buyers have the flexibility to negotiate and secure favourable deals. The market's responsiveness to demand ensures ample opportunities for those seeking to invest in Turkish property. (How to buy property in Istanbul.)

Use Our Services for Investment Opportunities

So, as you can see, there are many reasons to buy property in Istanbul, and if you would like to learn more, contact us today so we can introduce our services. From real estate sales to meeting your financial goals, a wealth of investment property can be viewed.

As a well-established agent in Istanbul, we have a range of affordable properties that will suit your needs. As seasoned professionals in the dynamic property market, we specialise in guiding you through every step of your real estate journey. 

With an extensive portfolio of luxury residences, exclusive listings, and in-depth knowledge of diverse neighbourhoods, we pride ourselves on providing personalised and transparent services that cater to your unique needs in Istanbul.

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