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BLOG Districts of Bodrum For Potential House Buyers

6 August 2019 / Properties

6 Districts of Bodrum Dominating the Property Market

For house buyers in Turkey, certain districts of Bodrum are emerging as active players in the country’s real estate market. Sitting on the western Aegean coast, the Bodrum peninsula has for many years been a favourite hangout of the rich and famous, yet it also offers a low-key budget lifestyle.

The core theme running throughout all districts is carefree fun, and this hedonistic reputation ramped up by artisans and celebrities visiting the area is here to stay. It is not unusual to spot a Saudi prince or two running around with their entourage or to stumble upon a painter or pottery workshop.

The landmark Saint Peters Castle features in many travel publications, and alongside being a firm favourite of package holidaymakers, the peninsula has a sturdy reputation on the international sailing scene. Combine this with sandy beaches, hidden coves, and beautiful bays, and it is easy to understand why many foreign real estate buyers choose Bodrum as the place to purchase their dream home.

To see the diversity of its property portfolio, see our listings of apartments and villas for sale in Bodrum. However, if you are undecided which district would suit you best, our suggestions of certain areas will help you decide if they match the lifestyle you seek.

6 Districts of Bodrum Dominating the Property Market

Yalikavak: The King of Bodrum

Previously a small fishing village, then popular holiday resort, Yalikavak put itself in first position when the local mega yacht, ultramodern Palmarina opened its doors. Welcoming luxury yachts from all over the world, it enhanced Yalikavak’s reputation to maximum potential.

There is more to the resort though because the old town and harbour part still portrays nostalgic vibes from a bygone era. Indeed, part of Yalikavak’s addictive vibes is that although luxury is at the forefront of social life, a relaxed, budget lifestyle also exists.

House buyers who want to live in Bodrum all year round would do well to look at the Yalikavak district because even though tourism drops in winter, life still carries on, just at a slower pace.  Overall Yalikavak is an all-rounder. It is easy to get there, has an excellent transport system, a wide choice of bars and restaurants and many things to do, even more so during summer when beach life becomes the core focus.

Gumusluk: Don’t Underestimate This District

Many say Gumusluk is Bodrum’s best-kept secret. It may well be on the mainstream travel scene, yet it is rising the ranks of the property market. Luring in buyers with a relaxed attitude, the small rustic village doesn’t pretend to be anything it is not. It is almost as if the world could fall apart and locals would still carry on, with their carefree days.

The landmark Rabbit Island stemmed from centuries ago when the village belonged to the larger, more prominent Myndos city, yet most visitors to Gumusluk go for the seaside restaurants serving up fresh seafood and fish in an almost surreal atmosphere.

While Gumusluk’s property portfolio is not as extensive as other districts, buyers like what is on the market and how much it sells for. If you want a spacious family home, with stunning Aegean Sea views to wake up to, Gumusluk is an ideal contender. The hillside position of homes also ensure a constant breeze that elevates those hot summer temperatures.

Because of Gumusluk’s small size, there is only a small selection of bars, restaurants, and shops, yet Yalikavak and nearby Turgutreis are only a short bus ride away. If you are looking at property for sale in Gumusluk, consider the Koyunbaba neighbourhood with some marvellous new build apartments and villas for sale.

Bodrum Town District: An Old Favourite

While places like Yalikavak and Gumusluk have reinvented themselves to capture international attention, don’t neglect the time-honoured favourite of Bodrum town. This is where it all began, and celebrities started flocking to during the 1960s. As another destination with more choices of bars, restaurants, and shops then you could ever work your way through, it is still the pinnacle hub of sailing as seen in the luxury yachts lining the marina.

It is an ideal destination for non-car drivers who want a comprehensive transport network on their doorstep because the airport is just 40 minutes’ drive away and the local bus station connects to the rest of Turkey through cheap and frequent bus schedules.

If you want to find traditional Bodrum, the one that reflects on its past as a small fishing village, wander the backstreets of the old town. This is the major nightlife scene but also a place to find traditional eateries and small boutique shops and galleries.

Otherwise modern Bodrum beckons through the rooftop fine dining restaurants and international brand shopping names. Property buyers in Bodrum town will pay a higher price per square meter than many other districts, but it is the hub of the peninsula and an established market with high liquidity.

Gundogan: A Turkish Favourite

Speak to foreign holidaymakers in Bodrum, and few would have heard about Gundogan, yet for Turkish people on vacation and house hunters, it is a firm favourite. Many Turks own summer homes there while others retired to experience the famous Bodrum lifestyle all year round.

While winter is low key, from May to October, the population boosts as people flock to enjoy its hillside location and seaside restaurants and bars. Give that its name means sunrise, this could be an excellent place to buy property if you want to wake up to a fantastic view first thing in the morning.

Sitting close to luxurious Yalikavak, and upmarket Golturkbuku, Gundogan’s reputation differs from both. The centre, a melting pot of traditional Turkish charm screams of that seaside lifestyle so many retirees hamper after, while youngsters enjoy the full range of water sports on offer.

As a small destination, the limited choice of bars, restaurants and shops may frustrate some, but a short bus ride takes you to nearby hubs and large shopping malls. Current trends focus on the Kucukbuk neighbourhood because it is close to the beach and offers reasonable prices per square meter.

Traditional and Modern Gokcebel

Gokcebel, another district gaining traction among foreign house buyers, offers two neighbourhoods to choose from. The small portfolio of the quiet old part sitting on the hillside boasts of traditional stone houses with courtyard gardens and rooftop terraces. This tranquil area is for house buyers who want to forget the modern world and enjoy day to day living with a spectacular view.

While the new part, nearer the coastline, features modern, new build villas with trendy décor and design. It is also close to the main Yalikavak centre so, within a short walk, a more extensive choice of bars, restaurants and shops opens up. Buyers who find Yalikavak to be out of their price range would do well to look at Gokcebel, and another bonus is that it is close to all main roads so residents can get to other resorts, and the airport quickly.

Ortakent Beach and Town Districts

Ortakent means middle city, which reflects its central location on the Bodrum peninsula. Over two decades, the district has grown and now includes the Yahsi district, that boasts of a long beautiful beach, the highlight of community life during the summer. The excellent news about Ortakent is that it still embraces its heritage past so anyone looking for a place that combines the new with old would do well to consider Ortakent.

A strategic aspect of Ortakent is that its home to Midtown shopping mall, where shoppers can splash the cash with international and Turkish brand names. However, otherwise, the weekly market and small, local shops provide the community-friendly atmosphere of a close-knit community.

Its central location makes it easy to get to other coastal resorts and enjoy all the activities the peninsula offers. However, should you seek peace away from the masses, you will find that. Ortakent’s property portfolio differs from the traditional stone cottages of bygone eras to modern new build villas and buyers will enjoy house hunting in the district.

These prominent districts of Bodrum dominate the real estate market, but to know more about the peninsula see our comprehensive Bodrum area guide that talks in-depth about shopping, nightlife and transport facilities, and highlights reasons to buy property there. Alternatively, to speak to a local sales agent or arrange time and dates for viewing houses, contact us today.

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