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BLOG Is Trabzon A Good Place To Live? Expats In Turkey Series

22 November 2021 / Lifestyle

Why Trabzon Is A Good Place To Live

Personally, our opinion is that Trabzon is a good place to live. Sitting in North-Eastern Turkey next to the famous tea making province of Rize, the town and region became high profile in recent years, attracting increasingly more independent travellers, group tours, and foreign home buyers. Fronting the Black Sea of Turkey, Trabzon, the region’s largest city, pales in comparison to places like Istanbul but offers an abundance of treats.

During history, Trabzon was an essential point on the old silk road, a trading route running from the east to the west. Trabzon also acted as a gateway to Persia. Hence generations before absorbed many different regions, cultures, and traditions to see the Trabzon of today. Indeed, the city and area of the same name delight many. If you want to make a move yet are undecided if it is the right lifestyle choice, let’s look at what awaits newcomers in Trabzon.

Why Trabzon Is A Good Place To Live

1: Lakeside Lifestyle

Think of a city, and most people imagine an urban landscape full of concrete buildings, loads of traffic and the hustle and bustle of daily life. Yet within the Trabzon province, four lakes attract many people who want to get away and connect with nature. These are Uzungol, Sera, Hazilden, and Cakirgol. The most famous Uzungol is just a 90-minute drive away, and locals love to spend the day there or book into one of the traditional wooden houses.

2: Cultural Diversity in Trabzon

Look below the surface of all Turkish residents, and cultural diversity shines through. Laz and Hemsin communities are prominent, and local legends say the first are the best bakers in Turkey. The national costume differs from other places in Turkey, and the Horon dance is well known throughout the mountain plateaus. Even the regional food is different as locals of Trabzon rely heavily on Hamsi, which is anchovies, and Muhlama, a cheese type fondue, is excellent for breakfast and brunch. When you move to Trabzon, you are not just moving to any city in Turkey; but one with a sumptuous local cuisine to make you put on the pounds.

3: Live a Life of Plateau Tourism

In summer, locals head inland towards plateaus for cooler temperatures throughout many coastal regions of Turkey, and in Trabzon, this is big business. While this used to be a cultural practice, plateau living is a popular type of tourism these days. Whether you escape for a weekend break or a week-long camping trip, places like Ayder plateau get visitors in touch with Mother Nature and to see how the locals live, away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

4: Low Housing Costs

Turkey began to modernize its housing market roughly 20 years ago. However, Trabzon was still late to join in, and their new developments only started about ten years ago. Twin this with low market demand compared to places like Istanbul, and homebuyers have the perfect twinning of new affordable houses at low prices. Currently, prices range from USD 50,000 for a two-bedroom apartment to $500,000 for a luxury sea villa. We constantly update our books with new property listings, but you can see the market’s current state by browsing our portfolio of apartments and villas for sale. Each listing contains everything to know, including price, location and contact details to find out more.

5: Healthcare in Trabzon

For families and anyone concerned about their healthcare, Trabzon delivers top-notch service. Altogether 13 state hospitals offer medical care, which foreign residents use if they sign up to the SGK government-run scheme on a resident permit. Additionally, there are three private hospitals and loads of healthcare clinics. Over the last 20 years, Turkey has done much to improve its level of health service and these days, Trabzon easily matches anywhere in the western world.

6: Homes by the Sea

Doctors say an outdoor lifestyle is good for our wellbeing, mind, and soul, and Trabzon delivers with life by the sea. Altogether 119 kilometres of coastline offer up a perfect sea view, and while much is designated beach land, home buyers easily find a property within walking distance. In some cases, where the land is elevated, homes also have a gorgeous sea view to wake up.

7: Conservative lifestyle

If you want to move somewhere, with booming nightclubs until the early hours of the morning, then Trabzon will disappoint. Trabzon’s family-friendly conservative atmosphere is why Arab home buyers like the city. Along with the traditional lifestyle, you will find warm welcomes from all over the locals. Instead of pubs and nightclubs, think sit down family-friendly restaurants and tea gardens.

8: Things to do

So obviously, you want things to do and places to go in your free time, in which case, Trabzon delivers with a bundle of choices. As well as the famous Sumela Monastery, and Uzungol lake and Ayder plateau, in recent years, Ortamahalle has become famous thanks to its authentic Ottoman houses. The village is Trabzon’s version of Safranbolu. The Boztepe cable car is a great way to see Trabzon from up above and stop for refreshments at the top. People head to Firtina Vadesi, a short distance away for white water rafting.

9: Transport Network

Trabzon has an airport with frequent flight connections to other places like Istanbul. In addition, an excellent bus transport system within the city centre and smaller surrounding resorts are cheap and frequent. Granted to head into the small mountain villages, hire a car, but other than that, when living in Trabzon, public transport network makes getting about easy.

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Black Sea Region of Turkey: You might also be interested to know more about the geographical region to which Trabzon belongs. This article talks about the Black Sea region of Turkey, why it differs from the rest of the country, prominent places, where to go and what to see, especially in the Northeast region around Trabzon.

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