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BLOG Excellent Reasons to Buy Property in Trabzon

28 September 2022 / Properties

Excellent Reasons to Buy Property in Trabzon

If you want to know reasons to buy property in Trabzon, get ready to be impressed. Sitting in the Northeast of Turkey, Trabzon remained off the grid for many years regarding tourism and real estate. Yet roughly five years ago, the region and the central city centre rose to become popular in Turkey, especially for Arab tourists and real estate investors. The name Trabzon refers to the city centre and the larger region, and collectively, both offer unique insight into this corner of Turkey that western media massively misunderstands. Indeed, put cultural stereotyping aside because Trabzon stands on its own. So, let us look at why property buyers flock to Trabzon and what they can expect.

                                                 Good Reasons to Buy Trabzon Property

1: Architecture and Craftmanship

If you are not in Turkey's building or real estate business, you probably won't know this. Trabzon developers and construction companies have countrywide reputations for excellence. The architecture focuses on practical living but, at the same time, doesn't ignore aesthetic needs. Additionally, artisanship is far from shabby, with many places selling quality. Maybe this excellence is generational beliefs because, for centuries, locals crafted their own houses from local materials. So, property buyers in Trabzon can expect the best of the best.

sumela monastry trabzon

2: Trabzon is cheaper than Istanbul

For many who want to get on the Turkish property ladder, Istanbul is out of their budget. The city might be Turkey's real estate investment hub, but not everyone likes city living and urban landscapes. This is where Trabzon steps in with more affordable prices per square meter and, additionally, more miniature urban landscapes that, when combined with the greenery of the backing Kackar mountain range, provide pleasant places to live and own property. Besides, Trabzon became more popular like many other cities in Turkey, with more affordable prices, including Bodrum and Kalkan. Therefore, anyone looking for mid to long-term real estate investments with ideal capital appreciation would do well to look at Trabzon.

3: High Liquidity

So, of course, Trabzon does well with buyers in Turkey, but what does this mean for selling? Excellent liquidity, so if you change your mind and want to convert your bricks-and-mortar investment back into hard cash, you will find an ideal market. There are domestic Turkish buyers, but Trabzon attracts many middle eastern buyers, adding the international community to the market. This widens the net of potential sellers and places to market. When considering selling power, Trabzon comes up with top marks.

4: Diverse Portfolio of Apartments and Villas

The portfolio of apartments and villas for sale ranges from budget homes to large luxury mansions, promoting the best living in Trabzon. To get an idea of what the Trabzon property market looks like, browse our listings of apartments and villas in many neighbourhoods. Each listing contains everything to know, including price, location, home features, how to find out more information via email or telephone, and how to arrange viewings.

5: Cultural Similarities

For Middle Eastern buyers, the substantial cultural similarities are attractive. Turkey's Aegean and Mediterranean regions fare well with foreign buyers, but these tend to be from European or westernised countries. They like the beachside bars, vibrant nightlife scenes and atmosphere that pretty much anything goes with reason. However, Trabzon’s more conservative vibes appeal to many Middle Eastern nationalities.

Plateau living in trabzon

6: Scenic Landscapes and Plateau tourism

Ah, now! This is where Trabzon delivers in ways no other region can. The region spreads into the Kackar mountain range and delightful collections of rolling plateaus, lakes, waterfalls, and small towns and villages whose cultural identity you will never forget. Many locals and tourists head out from the city to spend the weekend or day at Uzungol lake. Additionally, the Ayder plateau attracts and amazes everyone with wooden hotels, natural spring spas and adherence to living off the land and making their cheese, butter, and milk. When you buy property in Trabzon, you have the best of Mother Nature on your doorstep.

7: Excellent Transport Links

Getting to Trabzon is easy thanks to the excellent transport links. The coastal position makes the region easily accessible via the east or west. At the same time, buses from all over Turkey arrive daily, having bought people cheap and frequent bus tickets. People from abroad mostly fly to Istanbul and then catch domestic flights at the airport. Once in Trabzon, hire a car or quickly get around on local buses. The local council does an excellent job of maintaining cheap and clean buses and taxis.

8: Places of Interest

Trabzon rose in interest in the tourism market because the region offers several places of interest that are unique but also extremely interesting. Take Sumela monastery as an example. Clinging to the edge of a cliff face, the landmark appears surreal, yet the history is mind baffling. Then, of course, the city centre has its fair share, including the Hagia Sophia, Trabzon Museum and Ataturk Pavilion, dedicated to the founding father of the modern-day Turkish republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Then there are the scenic attractions mentioned above, beaches, and small villages to explore. You will never be short of things to do in Trabzon.

9: Regional Cuisine

No one can deny the regional cuisine of Trabzon is both sumptuous and delightful to the palette. Given the seaside location, hamsi (anchovies) is the number one local ingredient, which appears in rice, and cakes but is often grilled and served with salad. Trabzon is also known as the number one grower of hazelnuts in Turkey. While staying on your property, escape to the mountains for village muhlama, a delicious version of cheese fondue. Forget about fast food and frozen meals in Trabzon because everything is traditionally fresh, tasty and regionally.

10: Local Turkish People

Our customers who buy property in Trabzon often remark on how easily they settle in, get to know neighbours, and make friends. This is not specific to Trabzon because this is Turkish hospitality. A countrywide saying goes that every stranger is a friend, which is evident by how welcoming Turkish people are. When you buy your property, you will find adjusting to being a homeowner in Turkey easy.

Trabzon Property Showcase

Trabzon property showcase

Turkey Homes are delighted to present this off-plan coastal development in the trendy area of Yomra, with the vast city centre 20-minutes to the west and the airport in the west reached in a little over 10-minutes. Slightly elevated with a stunning green forest backdrop, the development offers fabulous panoramic sea views. There is a choice of 1 to 4-bedroom apartments, all from a leading and trusted Trabzon developer who is fully committed to meeting the Turkish government's building regulations for safety and insulation and has set a completion date for the end of August 2024.

Owners or guests of these quality homes will enjoy several on-site facilities, including a children's play area, gym, sauna, Turkish bath, garden seating area, secure indoor parking garage, lifts in each block and a central satellite TV system. The developer of these modern Trabzon apartments offers a great payment plan with a 40% down payment followed by equal interest-free monthly instalments up until completion. 1-bed apartments offer an open-plan living area, whilst the 2-4 bed apartments feature fully fitted modern kitchens with excellent quality units and work surfaces. Rooms feature natural light whilst doors open to glass balconies with incredible full sea and nature views. All tiled bathrooms offer modern fittings. In addition, homes feature gas central heating systems and infrastructure for air conditioning units.

Contact Turkey Homes today for more details, availability, and prices, quoting reference number 5959. Our friendly team of Trabzon property consultants will answer all your real estate questions, offer comprehensive advice, and guide you through every step of the property buying process.

Also, About Property in Trabzon

So, if you have decided the reasons to buy Trabzon are good enough to start house hunting, you may wonder what the purchasing process will look like. Our guide to buying property in Trabzon explains everything, and if you have any further questions, call us today and speak with an agent about investing in Trabzon real estate.

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