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BLOG What Are The Most Luxurious Locations in Turkey?

6 March 2024 / Lifestyle

What Are The Most Luxurious Locations in Turkey?

When looking at the most luxurious area in Turkey, don't underestimate what is on offer. Turkey easily matches other luxury destinations, from real estate in Istanbul to mega yachts in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean coast. Tourists often think of Paris or Milan for glam, fashion and high-end dining. Still, people should expect more from Turkey, a country with beautiful beaches, panoramic views, and unique luxury homes.

Think of private pools of luxury villas in expensive districts. These homes sit near pristine beaches in communities with luxury living themes for wealthy people. So, whether you are looking at holiday homes or to live in prestigious neighbourhoods, don't lower the bar on this one because Turkey will deliver and offer much more. Let’s look at ideal destinations for luxury standards that are second to none.

Luxurious Areas in Turkey Where Wealthy Head

Gocek in Turkey

1: Luxury Real Estate in Gocek: Turkey's Yachting Paradise

Nestled on Turkey's turquoise coast, hidden Gocek has long been revered as the perfect yachting paradise. With breathtaking natural beauty and serene atmospheres, this charming town attracts wealthy yacht enthusiasts worldwide. One addictive lure for people looking at villas and apartments for sale is the abundance of secluded coves.

Nestled between lush green hills and crystal-clear waters, these picturesque havens offer exclusivity for yacht owners and guests. To relax in privacy or indulge in water sports, these hidden gems are perfect settings for idyllic getaways. In addition to secluded coves, Gocek is home to scenic marinas. These world-class facilities offer ample space for luxury yachts to anchor and boast high-end amenities.

Furthermore, Gocek's appeal lies not only in its natural landscapes and top-notch facilities but also in its exclusive and intimate ambience. Unlike other popular yachting destinations, Gocek remains relatively untouched by mass tourism, ensuring tranquillity and privacy for foreign buyers seeking yachting opportunities and profitable investment.

For yacht enthusiasts in search of secluded havens imbued with natural splendour, Gocek is the ultimate destination. With secluded coves, scenic marinas, and an intimate ambience, this Turkish paradise offers an unparalleled yachting experience that will leave lasting impressions. There aren't many real estate districts to choose from, but that makes Gocek exclusive.

Istanbul In Turkey

2. Stunning Views in Istanbul

The populous city of Istanbul, Turkey's cultural heart, has imperial grandeur that amazes visitors. As Turkey's largest city, Istanbul brims with top attractions and unique features that make the city a must-visit destination and one of Turkey's most popular cities for real estate investors. Istanbul's rich history shines in captivating landmarks like the majestic Hagia Sophia. Another notable attraction is Topkapi Palace, the home of Ottoman sultans for over four centuries.

One unique feature of Istanbul is its geographical location. Straddling two continents, Europe and Asia, Istanbul offers a blend of Eastern and Western influences. The Bosphorus Strait waterway dividing the city is picturesque and is an important trade route connecting the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. Real estate prices on the Bosphorus are the most expensive in Turkey.  

The shorelines, brimming with historical yali mansions and former homes of the Ottoman ruling elite, attract Saudi princes and wealthy Turks who want nationally protected homes. Other wealthy international investors look at districts like Besiktas or Sisli for affluent lifestyles. Despite the lack of stunning beaches, Istanbul is a significant city for wealthy Turks. High-end properties fetch millions of pounds, but homeowners have the best urban living.

Bodrum Town Centre

3. Water Front Homes in Bodrum City Centre

Bodrum city centre, a coastal destination on Turkey's western coast, offers luxurious holidays to attract tourists. Their reputation for luxury hotels and real estate investments stretches back to the 1970s. Average property prices are higher than other destinations, but this brings abundant beachfront properties alongside upscale Turkish culture.

One highlight of central Bodrum is the renowned yachting scenes. Crystal-clear Aegean waters provide perfect backdrops for sailing enthusiasts to explore coastlines on their extravagant yachts. Meanwhile, upscale resorts on the Bodrum peninsula offer top-notch amenities and unparalleled hospitality, ensuring indulgent getaways. Bodrum is also famous for vibrant nightlife scenes that attract party-goers. Bodrum town comes alive after dark with upscale clubs, beach clubs, and bars, where visitors dance to the beats of internationally renowned DJs.

For more intimate holidays, jump onboard private boat tours. The turquoise waters of Bodrum town are dotted with hidden coves to be discovered. Renting private boats means exploring these idyllic spots at your own pace, away from crowds. Bodrum Centre is also not only about luxurious experiences but also about rich history. Ancient Bodrum Castle, also called the Castle of St. Peter and built by the Knights of St. John in the 15th century, features a fascinating museum showcasing artefacts from recovered shipwrecks.

To top it all off, Bodrum town boasts exclusive restaurants serving fine Mediterranean cuisine. From fresh seafood to traditional Turkish dishes, indulging in memorable dining is essential in Bodrum centre. Whether seeking luxury yachting, lively nightlife scenes, upscale resorts, vibrant nightlife, or private boat tours, Bodrum town offers everything and is an ideal place to buy a luxury home.

Alacati in Turkey

4. The Popular Destination of Alacati

Alacati is widely known as a chic wind-surfing hub, attracting adventure-loving travellers but also earning fame for cultural experiences. Once a tiny Greek village, most homes have been restored, featuring a typical whitewash and blue shutter look.  Located in Turkey's Izmir Province, this charming town stands out for mesmerizing stone houses, world-class wind-surfing and boutique hotels. Alacati perfectly combines modern living but still retains authentic charm.

When visiting Alacati, explore cobblestone streets and admire beautifully preserved stone houses with distinct characters. These architectural gems add charm and offer glimpses into the town's rich history. In addition to windsurfing, Alacati offers activities for all kinds of visitors. Wine enthusiasts will delight in several vineyards, indulge in wine tastings, and tour to discover exceptional wines.

Alacati is also famous for its vibrant café culture. Numerous cafes spill onto streets, allowing visitors to soak in Aegean atmospheres while savouring delicious Turkish coffee or tea. Alacati provides privacy and exclusivity, and ideal living on the coast for permanent residences on the Aegean coast.

Kalkan in Turkey

5. Living in Kalkan on the Mediterranean coast

Located in Turkey's picturesque southern, Kalkan earns fame for luxury villas for sale with hefty property prices. With Mediterranean Sea views, green spaces, and charming narrow streets, Kalkan is perfect for tranquil yet sophisticated getaways. This quaint fishing village has retained authentic character while offering visitors luxury standards, exquisite cuisine, and relaxed atmospheres.

Whether lounging on idyllic beaches or exploring historic sites and ruins of nearby ancient cities, Kalkan promises unforgettable holidays. As the sun sets, Kalkan comes alive with vibrant nightlife, offering stylish rooftop bars and elegant waterfront restaurants to wine, dine, and marvel at breathtaking views. Kalkan truly embodies relaxation and is ideal for luxury villas.

Thanks to the elevated land status, most homes have amazing sea views, and there are six districts to choose from. Kalkan also sits near rustic Kas and quiet Patara and is a good base if you want to explore Turkey’s southern coast.

Yalikavak in Turkey

6: Yalikavak for An Escape from City Life

Yalikavak’s real estate market experienced remarkable transformations, making the town one of Turkey's most sought-after destinations for relaxed lifestyles with traces of traditional Turkish culture. This shift happened when the mega yacht marina opened, turning Yalikavak into a rich destination, but the charms of the old town can still be seen in the harbour district.

Despite fame and wealth, Yalikavak's property market remains surprisingly affordable, with villas for sale at a fraction of the prices in other countries. This affordability factor makes Yalikavak an attractive option for both local and foreign buyers. Moreover, the availability of property options in Yalikavak further adds to affordability.

From spacious villas with beautiful sea views to luxury apartments in residential complexes, there is something to suit every budget, proven in expansive expat communities. Sitting a short drive from central Bodrum, there are amazing Aegean views, and despite newfound wealth and fame, Yalikavak remains an affordable option for real estate buyers, with luxurious yet reasonably priced property.

Turkbuku in Turkey

7: Luxury Turkish Property in Golturkbuku

In 2006, the New York Times called Golturkbuku, Turkey's equivalent of Saint Tropez, and the name has stuck ever since. The high real estate prices for luxury amenities, and relaxed lifestyles, ensures Golturkbuku draws in celebrities and millionaires, from around the globe. The one aspect the coastal retreat does lack is sandy beaches. Still, it more than compensates with beach club jetties or nearby luxurious hotels that have private beaches and offer water sports.

Regarding prices per square meter, these are top-level property prices but expect indoor and outdoor pools, unique architecture, modern trends and design, and perfect escapes from city life. Belonging to Turkey's Bodrum peninsula, seafront estates command respect from global housing markets and offer beautiful Aegean views. Indeed, high-end properties in Golturkbuku stand in a league of their own, and the community must be experienced to understand why this is one of Turkey's most luxurious places.

Antalya in Turkey

8: Antalya City Centre for Amazing Beaches

Suppose you are looking at investing in real estate or living in Turkey, but the above is too pricey. In that case, there is ample opportunity to find dream homes with panoramic views in Antalya's city centre. As well as being host to many historical sites, foreign investors and wealthy people love this major city for the backing green mountains and expansive beaches. Alongside historical monuments, the town centre boasts of the Konyaalti area, where luxury apartments give off amazing Mediterranean Sea views, and this prestigious neighbourhood has one of Turkey's most pristine beaches.

Antalya, a luxury travel destination, hosts Turkey's most expensive hotels. Yet, expat communities flock for the Turkish culture and vibrant nightlife scenes. Because of high demand and low supply, housing prices have risen dramatically. However, many surrounding real estate districts have coastal lifestyles at slightly lower property prices. 

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