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BLOG Welcome to Yalova in Turkey – The Hot Springs Town and Province

11 July 2023 / Lifestyle

All About Yalova

Yalova in Turkey is the new kid on the block when considering ideal destinations to buy international real estate. Yet, don't underestimate the potential. For years, Turks have favoured the region. Now that it is taking off as an ideal place to buy summer holiday homes, the news is spreading to international markets.

Yalova's claims to fame are hot springs, natural beauty, and a convenient location. Situated in the larger province with the same name, this proximity to major cities makes Yalova famous for both locals and tourists seeking respite from busy city life.

The area, surrounded by picturesque mountains, offers breathtaking views and hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities. The abundance of greenery and fresh air also makes Yalova perfect as the world turns away from urban landscapes towards green living. So, that is a brief introduction, but what specific reasons are house buyers turning to Yalova for?

Yalova Thermal District

                                                          About Yalova in Turkey

Location and Geography of Yalova

In northwestern Turkey, Yalova's prime geographical location between the Marmara Sea and mountains is bordered by the Istanbul Province to the east and the Bursa Province to the south. One advantage is the location of Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey. Just a short drive or ferry ride from Istanbul, Yalova is a popular weekend getaway for Istanbulites. The convenient service from Istanbul Airport to Yalova makes the region all the more accessible for domestic and international travellers.

Yalova's central location makes the area convenient for exploring nearby cities and attractions. Bursa's historical sites and ski resorts are within a short drive. Visitors can easily travel to Bursa and visit Uludağ, the area's highest mountain. Additionally, Yalova's ferry terminal provides excellent transportation to coastal regions. From here, visitors hop on ferries and enjoy scenic rides to nearby towns and islands along the Marmara Sea, like Heybeliada and Büyükada.

The geographical diversity is genuinely remarkable. On one side, you have the stunning coastline with sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. Conversely, the lush mountains offer endless trekking and camping opportunities. The province's hot mineral springs also have therapeutic properties. Whether you want to explore historical sites or immerse yourself in nature, Yalova has it all. The central location, convenient transportation options, and diverse landscapes genuinely make it a gem of Northwestern Turkey.

History of Yalova

The region has been inhabited since prehistoric times. It was part of the ancient kingdom of Bithynia in antiquity, established by 4th century BCE Thracian tribes. The Bithynians had close ties with the Greeks and participated in the Trojan War. Later, the region came under the control of the Roman Empire.

Byzantine Era: During the Byzantine period, Yalova was a critical town known as "Nikomedia" or "Nicaea" (not to be confused with Nicaea, modern-day Iznik). It was the Byzantine capital from 324 to 330 CE under Emperor Constantine the Great. Nikomedia thrived in terms of trade, commerce, and culture.

Ottoman Rule: In the late 14th century, the region fell under Ottoman control. Yalova remained small until the 19th century when it developed due to its strategic location and natural beauty. It became popular with Ottoman sultans and aristocrats, who built magnificent summer residences and pavilions.

Modern History: Yalova was crucial during the Turkish War of Independence (1919-1923), led by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. The Armistice of Mudanya in 1922, which ended the Greco-Turkish War and paved the way for the founding of the Republic of Turkey, was signed here. In recent years, Yalova experienced significant growth and development. Today, modern Yalova embraces historical heritage while striving for progress and development. The rich history, natural beauty, and proximity to major urban centres make Yalova an attractive destination for house hunters in Turkey.

                                                      Landmarks, Attractions and Things to Do

Yuruyen Kosk – The Walking Mansion

Yürüyen Köşk, also called "Walking Mansion" or "Mobile Mansion," is a famous historical attraction. The unique wooden mansion, initially built in Istanbul during the late 19th century, was commissioned by a wealthy Turkish banker named Hekim Basri Efendi. The estate, designed by the famous Ottoman architect Serkis Balyan was constructed between 1878 and 1879. It was built as a luxurious summer residence with intricate woodwork and architectural beauty.

Walking Mansion Yalova Turkey

In 1901, during the reign of Sultan Abdulhamid II, the mansion was transported from Istanbul to Yalova. The move was to provide the Sultan with serene environments to enjoy the Yalova region. What makes the Yürüyen Köşk unique is the ability to move. The mansion, built on rails, was relocated using steam power. The relocation took several months and required dismantling the structure into smaller sections, transporting them to Yalova, and reassembling them at the new site.

Yürüyen Köşk hosted Sultan Abdulhamid II and showcased the lavish Ottoman lifestyle, with elegant interiors, ornate decorations, and beautiful gardens. Visitors explore the mansion's rooms, furnished with period furniture and artefacts, providing glimpses into the opulent Ottoman elite. Surrounding gardens offer tranquil settings where visitors enjoy picturesque views and learn more about the mansion's history.

Hot Springs and Thermal Springs

Yalova, Turkey, is renowned for its hot thermal springs, which have attracted visitors seeking therapeutic benefits for centuries. The region's natural geothermal resources make Yalova famous for spa and wellness tourism.

Termal: The Termal district dates from Roman times when the area was called "Therma" or "Pythia Therma." The thermal springs in Termal are rich in minerals, and the waters have various health benefits. Several hotels, spa resorts, and wellness centres in Termal offer thermal treatments, massages, and other relaxation therapies.

Armutlu: The hot springs in Armutlu are known for their healing properties, particularly for skin diseases, rheumatism, and respiratory conditions. The thermal waters of Armutlu contain sulphur and other minerals, and visitors enjoy thermal baths and spa treatments at resorts and facilities.

Yürüyen Köşk Thermal Baths: These Baths are near the mansion, which we discussed earlier. The baths offer visitors natural hot spring waters while enjoying the historical ambience of the estate and surroundings.

Sudüşen Waterfall: Sudüşen Waterfall is famous for enjoying cascading waters. Adjacent to the waterfall, Sudüşen Thermal Springs offer serene settings for bathing in warm waters, surrounded by nature.

Green Mountains Nearby

Prominent mountains near Yalova provide outdoor exploration, hiking, and enjoying the region's beauty. Whether you're seeking adventure or tranquillity, these mountains offer diverse landscapes and breathtaking views for visitors.

Uludag: Uludag, the highest mountain in Turkey's Marmara region, is in the nearby province of Bursa, 60 kilometres southeast. Uludag attracts outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers with activities like skiing and camping. This stunning mountain with diverse flora and fauna provides breathtaking panoramic views.

Samanlı Mountains: The Samanlı Mountains, also called Samanlıdağ or Samanlı Range, are situated to the east. They belong to the larger Marmara region's mountain range. The Samanlı Mountains offer picturesque landscapes, dense forests, and serene hiking trails.

Yıldız Mountains: The Yıldız Mountains, also called Yıldızdağ or Yıldız Range, are to the south. This mountain range stretches across the borders of Bursa, Kocaeli, and Sakarya provinces. The Yıldız Mountains features diverse vegetation, including forests of oak, pine, and beech trees. The region is famous for outdoor activities, mountain biking, and nature photography.

Karagöl Mountains: The Karagöl Mountains, also called the Karagöl Dağı or Karagöl Range, northeast of Yalova, near Kocaeli, offer tranquil natural environments with lush greenery, alpine meadows, and scenic hiking trails. Karagöl, meaning "Black Lake," is a beautiful lake in this mountainous region.

City Centre Attractions

Discover Karaca Arboretum: Visit Karaca Arboretum, a beautiful botanical garden with diverse collections of trees, plants, and flowers worldwide. The nursery also offers walking trails, picnic areas, and tranquil atmospheres.

Visit Atatürk Mansion: Visit Atatürk Mansion, the residence of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey, during his visits to Yalova. The mansion showcases Atatürk's personal belongings, photographs, and memorabilia.

Boat Trips: Enjoy boat trips on the Sea of Marmara, exploring the coastline and enjoying scenic views. You can find boat tours departing from Yalova, offering enjoyable experiences on the water.

Discover Yalova City Center: Explore Yalova and visit local markets, shops, and restaurants. Take strolls along the waterfront promenade, enjoy local cuisine, and immerse yourself in lively atmospheres.

Visit Yalova City Museum: Learn about the history and culture at Yalova City Museum. The museum displays artefacts, historical items, and exhibits highlighting the region's heritage.

Major Cities Nearby

Istanbul: Istanbul, Turkey's largest city sitting across the Marmara Sea from Yalova, is vibrant and culturally rich, offering historical sites, modern attractions, bustling markets, and diverse cuisine. Istanbul is a 100-minute drive or a ferry ride from Yalova.

Ottoman Bursa: Bursa features Ottoman-era architecture, ancient sites, and the stunning Mount Uludag. Bursa, 60 minutes’ drive away, offers attractions like the Grand Mosque, Bursa Citadel, and historic Bazaars.

Izmit: Izmit city, east of Yalova on the Marmara Sea's northern shore, is an industrial and commercial hub. Visitors to Izmit can explore attractions like the Izmit Clock Tower, the Izmit Museum, and the Sapanca Lake. The distance between Yalova and Izmit is 90 minutes.

Sakarya: Sakarya, east of Yalova, offers attractions like Sapanca Lake, Karasu Beach, and Sakarya Museum. Sakarya is a 2-hour drive from Yalova.

Gebze: Gebze city northeast of Yalova, near the eastern coast, is known for Eskihisar Castle, the Osman Hamdi Bey Museum, and Darıca Zoo. The distance between Yalova and Gebze is a 1.5-hour drive.

These cities offer various attractions, cultural experiences, and historical sites for visitors to explore. Their proximity to Yalova makes them accessible for day trips or extended visits, allowing travellers to experience diverse offerings.

Summary - Why Buy Property in Yalova

Proximity to Istanbul: Yalova is close to Istanbul, Turkey's most dynamic and economically significant city. The proximity makes Yalova appealing to those who want easy access to metropolitan amenities while enjoying relaxed and peaceful living environments.

Natural Beauty: Yalova's natural landscapes include mountains, forests, and the coastline. The region offers picturesque views and lush greenery. Owning property allows residents to enjoy the beauty of nature, engage in outdoor activities, and have tranquil living environments.

Thermal Tourism and Wellness: Yalova attracts many wellness visitors. Thermal facilities and wellness centres allow property owners to enjoy therapeutic benefits of thermal waters and indulge in spa treatments without travelling far.

Real Estate Development: Yalova has experienced significant real estate development in recent years, offering properties like apartments, villas, and holiday homes. The growing real estate market provides options for different budgets and preferences, whether for permanent residency, vacation homes, or investment purposes.

Infrastructure and Amenities: Yalova has seen infrastructure improvements, including transportation networks, roads, and public services. The city offers schools, hospitals, shopping centres, and recreational facilities, making convenient and comfortable living places.

Investment Potential: Yalova's real estate market has shown growth potential, and property values have increased over time. Investing in property offers potential long-term capital appreciation and potential rental income.

More About Yalova

Anyone looking to buy property in Yalova, Turkey, will benefit from value for money, as property prices are still considerably lower than in nearby Istanbul, which is only an hour's drive away. Additionally, you wouldn't get a stunning seaside location in Istanbul as you do in this attractive area. To see what is on the market, browse our apartments and villas for sale. Each listing contains everything to know, including price, location, home features and contact details to find out more or arrange a viewing. Alternatively, contact us today and chat with an agent about Yalova in Turkey.

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