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Istanbul is so beautiful in Spring. March and April are probably the most popular months to visit Istanbul.

Traditional Ottoman style coffee always has been and is still part of the Turkish culture. Especially in Istanbul the introduction of a trendy Café culture and coffee shops has been a hit.

Istanbul the central hub for business, finance and tourism offers properties for sale ranging from luxury Bosphorus waterfront mansions to stunning old Ottoman buildings and many more..

Shopping in Istanbul

11 Feb 2016 posted in Culture

Istanbul is truly a shoppers paradise with huge variety from designer goods to high quality textile, delicious, traditional Turkish delights and plenty of variety to choose from.

Istanbul will soon be welcoming world's largest airport with up to 200 million passenger annual capacity. How this will effect the Turkish economy, impact on investments,real estate,export and more read it all here.

Istanbul is a buzzing metropolis where old meets new, where east meets west, and where fashion and Hauteliving thrive. A guide to the coolest areas and districts.

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