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Istanbul Housing Styles Over the Years

Housing styles of Istanbul are a fascinating insight, not only into Turkey’s largest city but how architectural trends and external influences can affect an urban landscape. Long-time visitors[...]

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The Istanbul Canal Project: Bypassing the Bosphorus Straits

The 28-mile Istanbul Canal project is an ambitious endeavour by the Turkish government to build a new shipping route. The artificial waterway will link the Black and Marmara seas and create a new[...]

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Bosphorus Mansions: Turkey’s Luxury Villas for the Super Rich

The Bosphorus mansions are Turkey’s crème de la crème of real estate. Also, called yali houses, these luxury villas in Istanbul are worth more than the average person will earn in[...]

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Tallest Buildings in Istanbul

City skylines say much about people who inhabit them, and Istanbul's tallest buildings are no exception. Standing out among the Ottoman empire remnants like minarets of mosques, bridges, and[...]

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9 Free Activities in Istanbul : Things to Do for Budget Travellers

Going on holiday can sometimes turn out to be a costly endeavour that drains your wallet. However, the massive amount of free activities in Istanbul will appeal to budget tourists who still want to[...]

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Istanbul Property Market Update for 2018

Istanbul homes almost one fifth of Turkey's 82 million strong population and resident numbers are growing daily. Since 2012, Istanbul property values in many areas have almost doubled. Apartments[...]

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Positive Optimism for Istanbul New Third Airport

Some call it a city within a city, which should give some idea of the intense hype surrounding Istanbul New Third Airport. With phase one, set to open in October 2018, it is without a doubt, one of[...]

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Istanbul Art Spaces

Art is seemingly everywhere in Istanbul from the sing song of the call out of various street sellers to the remarkable style of what various people are wearing and of course the incredible[...]

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13th Annual Istanbul Tulip Festival

Throughout the month of April the entire city of Istanbul celebrates tulips. Tulips originate as a genus in Persia but Turkey does remarkably have more variety of plants than all of[...]

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Revamping Istanbul’s Iconic Buildings

Without a doubt, Istanbul’s iconic buildings contribute towards the city’s success as the most popular tourist destination in Turkey. People flock to see behind the tall walls of Topkapi[...]

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