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The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul: Standing the Test of Time

In its efforts to modernise itself, the face of Istanbul is forever changing. Towering skyscrapers now dot the landscape, and districts like Levant enjoy esteemed reputations as international[...]

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Fashion, Retail and Entertainment in Istanbul

The fashion, retail and entertainment scene in Istanbul has been flourishing over the past decade with these lifestyle industries attracting billions of dollars of investment at home and[...]

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Growing Trends for Istanbul Property Investment in 2017

Istanbul is rising from a storm of urban regeneration which was put in place a decade ago to deal with the city’s rapid expansion. The programme aimed to redress these urban issues and turn[...]

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Cruising to Istanbul: About the Terminal Port and Things to Do

At the turn of the century, no one imagined that Turkey would embark on a major project to promote itself as a cruise ship destination. Three locations in particular, were targeted as ideal places[...]

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The “New” Grand Istanbul Airport and its estimated effects on Turkish economy

Istanbul Grand Airport (New Airport of Istanbul) is going to be the biggest and one of the most strategic airports in the World. It is reported that 22,500 people are now working at the airport and[...]

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New Year’s Eve in Istanbul

New Year’s Eve in Istanbul has long been proclaimed one of the best parties in the world, and for good reason. Traditionally, it is a day spent at home with family and friends, but since the[...]

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The Oldest and Best Turkish Baths in Istanbul

Nothing on earth can match the rejuvenating and relaxing benefits of a traditional Turkish bath. Marble steam rooms across the country of Turkey are where this time-honoured tradition happens. Hot[...]

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Neighbourhoods of Istanbul Worth Exploring

Over the last few decades, travel trends have changed. People no longer settle for mainstream package deals that just visit touristic sites and attractions. Travellers want a more authentic[...]

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Underground Basilica Cistern of Old Istanbul

A famous age-old proverb says “out of sight, out of mind” but this certainly does not apply to the famous Basilica Cistern of Istanbul, Turkey. At the bottom of a stone flight of stairs[...]

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The Glorious Hagia Sophia of Istanbul

The great Hagia Sophia standing in the heart of the old city part of Istanbul is one of Turkey’s most celebrated landmarks. As one of the country’s top visited tourist attractions,[...]

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