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BLOG Istanbul New Airport: A User-Friendly Guide

9 May 2019 / Travel

Istanbul New Airport: Facilities and Features

The slogan of Istanbul New Airport is the “future of travelling”, and that gives air passengers a good idea of how high they are setting the bar for air travel comfort. After much delay, the new airport opened its doors to the public on April 6th, and so far, positive reviews are raving about the service, Wi-Fi connection, app, and impressive architecture.

However, don’t think everything on show now is the ultimate package. No, it is just a sneak peek of what will become the world’s biggest air travel hub. Currently, passengers use terminals of the first construction phase, but there are still three more to complete by the final date of 2023. When this happens, a staggering amount of 200 million passengers will travel through it every year, and final construction costs will total 12 billion USD.

However, in the meantime, let’s look at what comfort and ease air passengers can enjoy.

Istanbul New Airport: Facilities and Features

1: Duty-Free Shopping Beyond Belief

As much as the terminals and runways are impressive to air travel enthusiasts, another feature grabbing the attention of critics is the duty-free area covering 55,000 square meters. Designed with a Bosphorus theme, it breaks down into nine sections each with their theme including luxury, beach, fashion, and family.

Everything and anything you expect to see in duty-free will be sold here, but it is not just about making money, because the airport also wants to promote a unique shopping experience, with state-of-the-art technology.

That includes rechargeable smart shopping baskets, mobile payment kiosks, and 3D hologram systems. A powerful tool is the customer profiling that allows shoppers to see what they look like in clothes, jewellery, sunglasses, and make-up without even trying it on.

2: Is there a Smoking Lounge?

Smokers need not fear because there are 13 lounges; 10 in the international and 3 in the domestic terminals are open to the public, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

3: Car Parking and Car Hire

Every aspect of comfortable flying experience was carefully planned out including the 5-block car park holding up to 40,000 vehicles. Don’t think you will lose your car or forget where you parked it, because a smart license reading system easily lets you locate it via the app, while 2,500 cameras and on-site security are there to make sure it stays safe.

For an extra fee, you don’t have to walk far because there are two valet pick-up points and three valet departure points. Other premium services include car washing, mini maintenance, and tire changes. Otherwise, as to be expected, all major car rental companies including Hertz, Goldcar, Budget and Avis are in the arrival’s hall.

4: YOTEL Istanbul Airport

Keeping in with the style of being the biggest and best, hotel accommodation lives up to standards by offering the unique Yotel experience. Designed for both business and leisure travellers, the technology smart cabins include smart beds, TV’s to stream from guests’ devices, monsoon showers and free wi-fi, while public facilities include food, drink, and an on-site gym. We all know that when flying, time is the essence, so they have placed 174 rooms within the departures level, next to passport control, and with the self-check-in and check-out facilities, it’s easier for you to catch your flight.

5: Shuttle Transfers and Bus Services

Perhaps the biggest fault is that the metro line isn’t yet up and running. However, guests can choose from Havaist, IETT or Seyahat bus services. Between them all, they have all districts covered. The Havaist service is running two to four times an hour between the new airport and Taksim, Sultanahmet, and Eminonu. While Istanbul Seyahat runs to Corlu and Tekirdag. They don’t take cash though. So, get your Transport Kart from the ticket machines (biletmatik) at the same level. Otherwise, all private transfer companies are selling one-way private transfers for 45 to 50 euros.

Bus Timetables (English and Turkish versions)

  • IETT -
  • Istanbul Seyahat:
  • Havaist:

6: IGA Premium Services: Fly in Style

IGA has further enhanced the travel experience by offering a wide range of premium services to make your journey even smoother. Their lounge on the international departure floor includes Wi-fi connection, open buffet food and bar, duty-free, billiards, a smoking balcony, locker close, shower, prayer room, as well as computer, printer, meeting and Skype rooms for professionals. Families can also use the kid’s playroom, climbing walls, baby care, and non-alcoholic section.

Other facilities include the meet and greet which offers fast track check-in, and porter service until you board your flight. Ultimately though, it is their buggy rides capturing all the attention. Serving passengers in both international and domestic, they carry from 3 to 5 people right to their gates, with a stop at designated duty-free shops if you want to spend some cash.

By buying one of their premium membership packages, passengers can also use another service like the valet and car parking. Indeed, IGA is going far out on offering the world’s best air travel experience.

7: Must-Have: The IGA New Airport App

Given the size of Istanbul New Airport and masses of features, first-time visitors may be a little apprehensive about their trip, but IGA has tried to make it all more straightforward with their downloadable app. Flight tracking allows you to receive regular updates while the home to gate feature helps you to plan your journey time. The map is a helpful feature, but by downloading it, you also get free wi-fi access. To get from the airport to the rest of Istanbul, the transportation service update lets you know all your options, while people staying in Istanbul can tap into the free travel guide with updates on what is happening, where and when.

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