The Basin Express Road: Istanbul’s Prime Real Estate Spot

The Basin Express Road: Istanbul’s Prime Real Estate Spot
The Basin Express Road of Istanbul
Written on: 21 May 2019

When it comes to Turkish real estate, one area dominating the market is the Basin Express Road in Istanbul. Sitting on the European side, it is grabbing the spotlight as an ideal hub for long-term real estate investment and for many good reasons. Separating the Kucukcekmece and Bagcilar districts, the area is transforming from an unheard-of location to one of international fame, drawing in Turkish and foreign house buyers from all over the globe.

The Basin Express Road of Istanbul

Location is Everything

Sitting at the E5 and D7 highway junctions, location plays a large part in its success. For Turkish buyers looking to live and work in the city, its prime position makes it easy and quick to get to other prominent districts like Besiktas, and Fatih and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge leading over to Asian Istanbul. Property owners also don’t have to be car drivers because frequent bus and metro line routes are close by.

The New Istanbul Airport

The road heading north into Basaksehir and Arnavutkoy is also just an hour drive from new Istanbul airport that when complete in 2023, will be the world’s biggest travel hub with year-round access to 300 plus destinations around the globe.

Four terminals serving domestic and international passengers include ultramodern technology, aimed at smooth, stress-free travel. Duty-free areas will also be the world’s biggest, providing a complete shopping experience under one roof.

The airport, one of many mega projects by Turkey, plays a significant part in attracting foreign house buyers, but another mega construction is keeping the feverish investment going.

Istanbul Canal Route

A planned 28-mile canal route, aimed at diverting traffic from the Bosphorus strait, will begin near Kucukcekmece Lake, which is close by. Without a doubt, this ambitious project will change the face of European Istanbul and create a mini island.

Such is the size and expectations, real estate investors from all over the globe, are looking at nearby areas including the Basin Express, as ideal hotspots for long term capital appreciation. Estimated construction cost puts it at 15.6 billion USD, and it will change the face of districts surrounding it.

Urban Planning, Architecture and Lifestyle Residences

Another reason for its success is that thanks to its late starter status, housing developers and constructors looked at other districts and learned what works and what doesn’t.

A few others areas in developing areas of Turkey have not had the hindsight of excellent urban planning. It was much a case of build and sell without a thought for the lifestyle of potential owners, hence the criticism of concrete jungles.

Local developers used these examples of what not to do and maximised location advantages and lifestyle choices like shopping malls and social activities. Another potential pitfall in developing cities is the lack of green space, but architects have solved this problem by incorporating them into private and communal areas.

A prime example is this lifestyle residence of apartments including landscaped gardens within the building and grounds, alongside common communal areas like children’s playgrounds, walking paths and picnic tables. Communal facilities continue with an indoor theme through swimming pools, gyms, saunas, Turkish baths and more. Café, restaurant, and shop facilities are also attracting commercial investors and residential.

Although the Basin Express road’s success is in full flow, don’t think it is complete because mass investment looks to further enhance lifestyles and make this region a prime business and residential area over the next ten years.

If you are looking at property for sale in Istanbul, browse through our listings of Basin Express homes on the market and contact us for further information including photos, example of payment plans about any property. Otherwise, property buyers will also like our house hunting guide talking about the market, and what buyers can expect long term.

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