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BLOG About Buyukcekmece in Istanbul: A Property Buying Guide

18 May 2019 / Properties

About Buyukcekmece: Istanbul’s Property Hotspot

Welcome to Buyukcekmece, an area of Istanbul, dominating the property market as a desirable place to live and work. Sitting on the European side, over many decades, the district has dramatically transformed. Initially, a small, rural village, by the 1970s, it was the ideal place for a weekend getaway from Istanbul’s central districts.

These days, its population has grown to over 200,000 as home buyers look to the area as an ideal place to live. Social economics have also changed drastically from once relying on fishery and agriculture to becoming a significant hub of the tourism industry and education.

About Buyukcekmece: Istanbul’s Property Hotspot

Ask any Istanbul local to describe Buyukcekmece and the first thing they will mention is the large 11 square mile lake. Separated from the sea in 1988, by a dam to supply Istanbul with water, its reputation is further boosted by the historical 16th century Mimar Sinan stone arch bridge. Mimar Sinan, the Ottoman empire’s most favoured architect, was responsible for many elegant buildings of that era. Hence this bridge also represents nostalgic importance. Please don’t assume that’s all there is to the region because it has a lot more to offer home buyers.

Life in Buyukcekmece: Shopping and Leisure

Without a doubt, a big lure is a 26-kilometre coastline leading to the Marmara Sea. Buyukcekmece proudly says it has the longest coastal pedestrian path, and this isn’t surprising because it makes 3.5% of Istanbul’s land mass.

During summer, the coastal area becomes the highlight of communities as restaurants, bars, cafes, parks, and children’s playgrounds fill up with happy residents. The main Kumsal beach and many smaller beach clubs also make a roaring trade with holidaymakers and boost its tourism reputation.

Shopping isn’t a small feat either thanks to three large malls with dining, entertainment and shops all under one roof. Atirtus, the pride of them all, has five floors of international and Turkish brand name shops, a large food court with 30 dining and fast food options, and a 4-screen cinema for family-friendly fun all under one roof.

Other choices of shopping malls include Aymerkez and corner life, but don’t forget the weekly farmers market that is the heart and soul of any Turkish community. Twenty-four neighbourhoods across the region host various markets for residents to buy their fresh fruit, veg and grocery supplies.

Kursunlu Caravanserai and other historical landmarks

The other famous historical monument is the Kursunlu Han, an ancient form of overnight accommodation for travellers on the old silk road. These buildings provided travellers with everything they needed for an entire journey including food, water, a place to sleep, medical assistance, veterinary help for their cargo animals, and much more. There are many all over Turkey, and their historical importance is engrained.

This one, named after the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, dates from the 15th century. Other historical landmarks include the Yusuf Pasa bathhouse, Enver Pasha Fountain, and Manor, Fatih, Sokullu Mehmet Pasa and Imaret Mosques, Sultan Abdul Hamid and Sultan Suleiman fountains. All these blends in with the modern urban landscape that Buyukcekmece has become.

Places of Worship in Buyukcekmece

For devout Muslims, there are many places of worship, including the Imaret and Kuba mosque. However, one new mosque has received international fame for its stunning architecture and design. The Sancaklar mosque designed by the famous Turkish, Emre Aralot team. An extended canopy is the only visible structure from the outside. Leading to the interior, the cave-like design aims to provide a peaceful space, away from the outside world’s chaotic bustle that allows visitors to feel at one with God.

The Property Market of Buyukcekmece

Perhaps the biggest lure is that Buyukcekmece does budget and luxury, hence accommodates many buyers from buy-to-let investors to families. Development trends have also gravitated towards lifestyle residences with a vast range of on-site facilities including swimming pools, fitness centres, children’s playgrounds, landscaped gardens and more.

A perfect example are these budget homes that also have sea and lake views. Providing an all-encompassing family home and base, whether buying for permanent living or as a holiday home, they are also available on a 24 months interest-free payment plan, which captures the eye of real estate investors from all over the world.

Discover more about Buyukcekmece in our real estate portfolio here. Otherwise, if you are an Istanbul property buyer and would like to know more about the region, property hotspots and the Turkish property buying process, contact us here.

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