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BLOG About Basaksehir in Istanbul: A Real Estate Hotspot

21 May 2019 / Properties

Neighbourhoods of Basaksehir

If you are a property buyer looking to learn more about Basaksehir in Istanbul, you will be surprised with what the district has to offer. As one of 39 areas that make up Turkey’s largest and most prominent city, its forward-thinking and innovative urban planning is attracting Turkish buyers in their droves but also foreign real estate investors looking to get their foot on the overseas property ladder.

Belonging to the Marmara region and sitting on the European side, its popularity climbs as each month passes. Now averaging 400,000 residents, expectations say the population will double within the next five years.

This is in line with surrounding districts like Eyup, Esenler, Avcilar, Esenyurt and Arnavutkoy that are also the city’s real estate hotspots thanks to mega projects in the area and an overhaul of transport and infrastructure networks. Until 2009, Basaksehir fell under the rule of nearby Kucukcekmece, but its growth prompted it to become a formed district, and its success continues to grow.

Neighbourhoods of Basaksehir

The District breaks down into ten neighbourhoods including the Bahcesehir 1st and 2nd sections, Ziyagokalp, Basak, Basaksehir, Kayabasi, Sahintepe, Samlar village, Guvercintepe and Altinsehir. The last five form an area known as Azatlik, a name dating back to Armenian settlement during the Ottoman era. This area was a major producer of gunpowder for the area and later became farming land named Resenli after the Ottoman military officer who owned it.

Bahcesehir Lake and Sular Vadesi

Meanwhile, Bahcesehir neighbourhood claims the title as a favourite place to buy property thanks to the massive 26,000 square metres artificial lake that is the biggest in Turkey. During summer and at weekends, residents flock to use cafes, picnic areas, and children’s playgrounds. A sizeable seating area also makes it perfect for concerts, and its green beauty attracts wedding photographers and newlyweds.

Bahcesehir is also home to Sular Vadesi which translates as water valley. The park with a 4-kilometre walking track fills up in the morning with keep fit fanatics looking to shed pounds, while families with young kids love using playgrounds and themed water attractions.

Yarimburgaz Cave

Despite Basaksehir’s modern outlook, its most famous landmark, Yarimburqaz cave draws in notoriety as an early settlement in Istanbul. Also called Altinsehir cave because of where it is located, archaeologists working on it since the 19th century have uncovered ruins of a Byzantine church. Such is its importance, Turkish filmmakers and many soap operas have featured it, although over decades, treasure hunters have also caused significant damage.

Samlar Forest: Green Areas Galore

Twenty years ago, Turkey embarked on a major project to clean up and modernise Istanbul, through new housing developments, improved infrastructure, and fast and frequent transport. However, a decade later, their efforts were criticised for lack of green space.

Basaksehir bypassed criticism though thanks to preservation and upkeep of Samlar forest. Covering 50 square kilometres, its biodiversity of plant and animal life places it on the list of vital green spaces in Turkey, and residents also get to enjoy its beauty through many hiking trails and activities.

Educational, Transport and Health Facilities

Alongside green, recreational facilities, Basaksehir has something else to boast about because its social facilities are top class and are still growing. It is a university hub with many private establishments teaching various courses, and plans are in place to open a new public university. Families with kids from young to teenager status can choose from many private and state schools.

Perhaps the jewel in the crown of social amenities is professional health care facilities from private clinics to state-run hospitals. The professionalism and esteemed reputation have prompted plans to open more medical facilities making Basaksehir the best not only in Turkey but also in Europe.

They will extend Basaksehir’s transportation system of buses and metro line to include a new tram line. The metro is already a widely used route stretching for 16 kilometres to Kirazli, but efforts are underway to keep up smooth efficiency and ensure residents have easy access to the best forms of transportation 24 /7 by extending the route to Kayasehir.

Basaksehir Centre Square

Among Basaksehir’s many ongoing projects, the most talked about, Centre Square is a massive project boasting of 252 streets, extensive botanical gardens, restaurants, cafes, and a host of shops. The new medical facilities will also be here.

Intended to be a transport hub with links around Basaksehir and other places in Istanbul, it will serve up to 80,000 people every day with top-notch doorstop services. Such are expectations that local council officials say it will match counterparts in European cities.

New Istanbul Airport and Canal Route

Let’s not forget the influence of the new Istanbul airport and the planned canal route, both mega projects of Turkey attracting global attention. At one time, Istanbul’s real estate market rarely featured Basaksehir and the surrounding districts because there was not any interest. The first flurry came when the Turkish government started building the new airport in nearby Arnavutkoy, that when complete in 2023, will be the world’s biggest travel hub.

This interest intensified with the planned Istanbul canal route. Aimed at reducing traffic through the crowded Bosphorus straits, it is an ambitious project that will create another island out of Istanbul. While property prices have already risen 27% since the announcement of the new airport, expectations are that they will keep in line with trends and rise by as much as 50% until 2023.

Basaksehir, Football and Fatih Terim Stadium

As if its accomplishments were not enough, it seems there is no stopping them as, over the last year, it rose the ranks to become a prominent Turkish football team. Some credit can go to its ultra-modern stadium seating 17,000 people and built at a staggering cost of 178 million. Including three pitches and a campus, its standards match that of other international teams.

Shopping in Basaksehir

Despite Basaksehir’s thrust into the modern world, some age-old traditions still exist including the local farmers market, an event all over Turkey that brings in locals for fresh fruit and veg supplies. Alongside this tradition, shopping malls are also big business, and Basaksehir delivers this in bucket loads. Miopark, which also holds the title as Turkey’s largest indoor theme park, also doubles up as the one-stop entertainment centre.

With themed attraction rides, food courts, shopping, and children’s clubs spread over 12,000 m2, families have everything they need and want all under one roof. It is by far the most popular but should residents wish to swap themes for the day, other notable malls to visit include Misstanbul, Olimpa, and Metronome.

Property investment in Basaksehir and Istanbul

Keeping in line with the modern theme, the vast range of property for sale in Basaksehir is lifestyle residences. Featuring different architectural trends, the aim is to make life as comfortable as possible for residents with a host of on-site facilities to enjoy including swimming pools, gyms, saunas, cafes, landscaped gardens and much more.

These luxury apartments for sale in Basaksehir are the perfect example, and they are catching the eye of investors thanks to the significant discount and extended payment plans on offer.

Anyone looking to learn more about Basaksehir in Istanbul can contact us with questions, and to arrange a time and date for viewing of neighbourhoods and suitable properties. Alternatively, browse through listings of what’s on the market and fill in the enquiry form for more information about any home in particular.

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