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The great Hagia Sophia standing in the heart of the old city part of Istanbul is one of Turkey’s most celebrated landmarks. As one of the country’s top visited tourist attractions, hundreds of people enter it daily to view relics and architecture of two of the most iconic empires.

Street food is a ready to eat food sold by a vendor in a public place, mostly with a portable kitchen of some kind. Istanbul is no different and has a multitude of delicious street snacks to keep you going throughout the day and the roots of street food don’t stray too far from this fabulous city.

Of all of the great cities in the world, Istanbul must be one of the most beautiful from above. Istanbul has some of the best rooftop locations of any city in the world.

From the 21st until the 24th of September 2017, the streets of Istanbul will be filled with delicious aromas of coffee and not just Turkish coffee, but coffee from all over the world. This year, Turkey presents the 4th annual Istanbul Coffee Festival, which will take place in Küçük Çiftlik Park.

2016 marks the 38th edition of the Vodafone Istanbul Marathon. The event will take place on Sunday the 13th of November, with participants launching from the starting line at 9am. Four events will take place throughout the day giving thousands of people the chance to take part.

The stunning archipelago of Princes’ Islands, off the coast of Istanbul in the Sea of Marmara, are the perfect get-away destinations for residents of one of the busiest cities in the world, Istanbul.

One of the most iconic images of Istanbul has to be the Kız Kulesi Üsküdar, otherwise known as Maiden’s Tower or Leander’s Tower depending on which legendary story you choose to believe. Visit the stunning Maiden’s Tower of Istanbul and create your own romantic tale.

For those who visit this great city which has such an incredible amount to offer, the Asian shores become but a backdrop to the standard long weekend in Istanbul. But Istanbul really is a tale of two cities and the Asian side of the mighty Bosphorus should not be underestimated.

A famous travel proverb says memories are made in summer. Most people upon hearing this automatically think of sandy beach resorts and warm summer evenings on cool verandas. Yet the bustling city break destination of Istanbul provides summer memories in abundance.

Sultanahmet, the historical area of Istanbul that was once the throne for both the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, sits perfectly preserved in all its glory so current and future generations can see magnificent buildings from which important decisions that shaped the future of the world were decided.

Locals say the best way to experience the heart and soul of modern day Istanbul is to wander the 1.4 kilometre stretch of Istiklal Avenue. Known in Turkish as Istiklal Caddesi, it has earned countrywide fame as the country’s busiest street.

Istanbul is home to over 120 shopping malls and two of the most famous historical markets in the world; the Grand Bazaar, established in 1461 and the Egyptian Bazaar, opened in 1660. 2016 will mark the sixth annual International Shopping Festival, which was first established in 2011.

If there is anything that the great city of Istanbul is renowned for, it’s the traffic. Driving in this huge Turkish city can be a nightmare. More often than not, twenty minute journeys are reported to take over an hour, tourists have to allow more than three times the journey time from the centre of the city to either of its two airports so as not to miss flights..

Dolmabahçe Palace, the beating heart of the 19th Century Ottoman Empire, all that and much more! Meet one of the master pieces of Ottoman architecture.

There is always something to do in Istanbul still it is nothing like been in the magical city in the spring so you get to see Istanbul at its most beautiful.

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