The Istinye Property Market of Istanbul and Why Buyers are Flocking There

The Istinye Property Market of Istanbul and Why Buyers are Flocking There
About the Istinye Property Market
Written on: 6 October 2019

The Istinye property market is one of Istanbul’s most prestigious areas. The combination of a wise real estate investment and an exclusive lifestyle choice is a lure for both Turkish and foreign buyers. To be clear, these days, advertising jargon throws about the word luxury like it is going out of fashion, and it has become more synonymous with money.

However, Istinye’s ambience is unique and rather than associate itself with money, it symbolises an alternative lifestyle in Turkey’s largest city. Its aspirations and future visions also mean it will never become a tall skyscraper hub or fall foul to everyday urban landscapes other districts have made.

Despite sitting next to the busy and high profile Maslak district, Istinye keeps a more selective reputation. Many house buyers working and living in central areas also choose this neighbourhood and commute simply because it offers an alternative to the typical city living vibes.

At weekends, the area hots up as Istanbul locals flock to sample its famous fish restaurants, and sits within a small bay, with beautiful landscape views that are a lifetime away when compared to places like busy Taksim and Istiklal Avenue.

About the Istinye Property Market

Istinye belongs to the Sariyer district, one of 39 official areas making up Istanbul. Sariyer itself is home to other prestigious neighbourhoods like Tarabya that also sits on the market’s upper end and has the pleasure of being home to Turkey’s most expensive homes called Yali mansions.

So, anyone looking to buy will join a district that already features prominent owners with high-powered jobs. However, what about the area stands out? Well, some homes have amazing Bosphorus sea views which count as a plus in Istanbul, but two driving factors are a restriction on building heights and strict criteria for permits to ensure any new builds continue the high-profile theme.

Often twinned with neighbouring Yenikoy, another area whose reputation is low key yet synonymous with luxury, Istinye has two notable landmarks. The headquarters of Istanbul’s stock exchange and Istinye Park, one of Istanbul’s best malls and a shopping bonanza, a food court and entertainment hub all under one roof. Whether you want designer boutiques, international and Turkish brand names, you will find it among the 300 plus choice.

Belgrad Forest, the greenest area of Istanbul, is close by and when twinned with the Bosphorus explains why the air quality in this area is better. Covering over 5,300 acres, residents of nearby neighbourhoods enjoy an outdoor lifestyle within a large metropolis.

Families enjoy picnic areas or head to the on-site café, while joggers and walkers love the 6-kilometre trail leading around the lake, and nature lovers feel right at home with a wide variety of flora and fauna. It seems like a stark contrast to other built-up districts just a short drive away, but such is the beauty of Belgrad Forest, it attracts hundreds of visitors every year during summer as they seek shade under the forest blanket.

Istinye’s Real Estate Market

When looking at the property market, one can only be in awe at the architectural style of new and old homes. With prices starting from £450,000 for a two-bedroom apartment and rising to seven digits for luxury, 6-bedroom villas, buyers will also find the high standards means you can move right in, without having to change a thing. Some homes standalone, while others are part of elite complexes with a range of on-site facilities including gated security, swimming pools, landscaped gardens, and gyms.

To get a better idea of what is for sale, see our portfolio of homes in Istinye. Each listing features photographs, floor-plans where applicable, location details, key features, and contact details to request more information or arrange a viewing time and date. Also call us, if you want to speak to a local estate agent for more advice about investing in the Istinye property market.

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Sariyer Area Guide: Istinye belongs to the sizeable Sariyer district, and this article talks about local landmarks, reasons it stands out, things to do, and prominent places. As an exceptional area of Istanbul, it is worth getting to know it.

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