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BLOG Why Kartal in Istanbul is a Great Spot for Property Investment

6 March 2023 / Properties

Why Kartal is a Great Spot for Property Investment

Kartal, in Asian Istanbul, is a district that few tourists are familiar with. But to locals and property buyers, Kartal has much to offer. From stunning Marmara Sea views to family-friendly activities to nearby places offering serene atmospheres, Kartal is a hidden gem. This Istanbul neighbourhood combines seaside and inland living to reward locals with curious insight into alternative Istanbul away from tourist hotspots.

The Kartal District dazzles everyone with historical and cultural riches, fertile lands, residential areas, a delightful climate, and underground spring waters. However, Kartal is not prepared to rest on this fame, and the property market is attracting more attention as the months go by. But what exactly can Kartal offer property buyers? The best of both worlds.

                                          About the Kartal District in Istanbul

Back to the Roots

Historians say that the first evidence of settlement in Kartal dates to the 6th century when the Byzantine empire ruled Constantinople. Kartal didn't belong to the great city but was an outskirt district and fishing village called Kartalimen. However, in 1075,  the Anatolian Seljuk State took over rule to try and dethrone the Byzantines and capture Constantinople.  An agreement was reached in which the Dragos hill stream, between Maltepe and Kartal, passing by the Dragos hill, would be the border between the two sides.

Here, the first border of Turks and Byzantines in Anatolia was formed. Over the years to follow, there were many rule changes. Still, eventually, the area settled under the ottoman empire, who were to rule for more than 400 years. During this time, Kartal fell under the larger Uskudar, a major ferry port today. Still, in 1908, it officially became a district in its own right. Over the last 20 years, as Istanbul has strived to modernise itself into a global alpha city, the Kartal district has been part of the larger plan.

The Kartal Municipality

Sitting in the southwestern Kocaeli peninsula covers the Marmara Sea coastline. Kartal is located 19 kilometres from Kadikoy, the Asian side city centre, close to Atasehir, the Asian side busy financial district and neighbouring Pendik and Maltepe. Additionally, it sits next to Sultanbeyli and Sancaktepe districts in the north. Altogether, Kartal covers 20 neighbourhoods and 2186 streets over 38 square kilometres. Hence property buyers have much to choose from. For international investors, Sabiha Gokcen airport is just a 20-minute drive. Kartal isn’t as well heard of, in international circles, but speak to any Turk, who knows Istanbul, and they will confirm that the district is a prominent part.

Kartal Istanbul Views

Daily Residential Life in Kartal

The streets, lined with small shops, cafes, and restaurants, are great for people-watching, whether sitting at traditional tea houses or chatting with locals at neighbourhood bakeries.  To discover more of the Kartal district, visit AYDOS Forest on the outskirts, which offers peaceful retreats from city living. The forest features several walking trails, picnic areas, a small lake, horseback riding, and cycling.

Overall, Aydos forest and lake offer nature, beautiful scenery, and peaceful living, a welcome distraction from urban Istanbul. Aydos hill, surrounded by forests, is also the highest point in Istanbul. Another destination to head to is Bayram Demirkol Park. However, most neighbourhoods have plenty of smaller parks and children's playgrounds for families to enjoy.

Naturally, being coastal, Kartal excels in seafood. Head to the local fish market, where fishermen sell fresh fish like sea bass, bream, and mackerel, which are then cooked at nearby restaurants. Otherwise, depending on seasonal availability, numerous seafood restaurants sell dishes like grilled octopus, shrimp casserole, and seafood risotto. However, don't think you will starve if seafood isn't your favourite flavour for dinner. The wide variety of fast-food outlets and traditional restaurants serve many dishes.

Most people in Turkey agree that the weekly fruit and veg markets are community highlights. The Kartal district delivers markets in the Atalar, Cevizli, Cumhuriyet, Cavusoglu, Esentepe, Hurriyet, Orta, Soganlik Yeni, Topselvi, Ugur Mumcu, Yakacik Yeni, Yukari neighbourhoods. Otherwise, you can still find your local shops, but Asian Istanbul also has many large shopping malls. Availability and easy access to buying what you want is never a problem. 

The M4 Istanbul Metro Line

Kartal's significant advantage is the M4 Istanbul Metro station on the doorstep. Officially called the M4 Kadikoy – Sabihan Gokcen line, the metro has dramatically increased easy travel around Asian Istanbul. Running for 34 kilometres, including 23 stations, this rapid transit line is under the D100 highway, parallel to the Istanbul, Ankara highway. Bus connections from the metro station into the Kartal district make the area highly desirable for commuters and those who want to reach the Kadikoy ferry port. Without a doubt, transport in the Kartal district is a major lure for house buyers in Istanbul.

shopping in Kartal Istanbul

Istanbul Marina Shopping Centre

Anyone who thinks America monopolises shopping malls hasn't seen Turkey's version. 20 years ago, shopping malls were few and far in Turkey but are now everywhere, and in Kartal, the IST Marina AVM steps up to the podium. From high-end luxury brands to affordable fast-fashion stores, Kartal residents take care of all their shopping needs in one place while enjoying day outs with friends or family. The ambience creates welcoming environments for shoppers through carefully planned architecture, lighting, and decor. Additionally, events, promotions and seasonal events often take place here, and the fast food and kids entertainment, all under one roof, are a huge convenience.

The Marmara Sea and Princes Islands

The sensory overload of Istanbul sometimes causes locals to escape to the offshore Princes Islands, from which Kartal is just 40 minutes away by ferry. These nine islands, offering serene coast retreats especially attract Turks and families at weekends thanks to their tranquil atmospheres and picturesque scenery. Motorised vehicles are prohibited, and visitors use bicycles, horse-drawn carriages, or their own two feet to get around winding streets and paths. All nine islands have unique characters and charm. For example, Buyukada, the largest island, is famous for Ottoman-era mansions and lively coast promenade vibes.

Meanwhile, Heybeliada, the second-largest island, boasts lush greenery and tranquil beaches. The smaller islands, like Kinaliada and Burgazada, offer unique attractions, such as historic monasteries and charming fishing villages. In addition to exploring the island's charming streets and natural beauty, other activities include swimming, sunbathing, and snorkelling in surrounding crystal-clear waters. Another must-see attraction is the hilltop Byzantine Aya Yorgi Monastery, which offers stunning sea and landscape views and glimpses into Istanbul's rich historical past. The Princes' Islands offer peaceful escapes and provide visitors with exploration adventures into alternative Istanbul. Whether you want to sunbathe on gorgeous beaches, explore historical landmarks, or enjoy leisurely bike rides through charming streets, Princes' Islands delight everyone.

Ferry Services to Yalova

Another feather in the cap for Kartal-Pendik ferry services is Yalova 45 minutes. Yalova was kept secret among Istanbul locals for years. Still, the town's fame has grown as independent travel trends spread. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the Turkish Republic's founding father, favoured Yalova for his summer holidays. Yalova spa springs attract tourists for their healing qualities, but they also enjoy trekking, camping, and biking routes.

One reason for its real estate popularity is low house prices, but other people like the holiday homes near the sea and in nature. Do not think purely about nature and the sea, though, because the spa hotels and thermal springs bring people worldwide looking to benefit from their healing qualities. For Turks and foreigners looking to relocate permanently, Yalova is strategically located to combine the best of city and nature living.

Exploring the Larger Asian Side of Istanbul

Kartal belongs to Asian Istanbul. While European Istanbul is more popular among tourists, the Asian part charm shouldn't be missed. Kadikoy's vibrant street art and lively atmosphere, with many cafes and street vendors, portray authentic Turkish city experiences. Along the coast, Moda and Kalamis are residential areas where streets are lined with trees and beautiful houses. Fenerbahce, 25 kilometres away, is famous for its gorgeous parks and natural landscapes. Another hidden gem is Camlica, with delightful golden horn views and several friendly cafes reached by cable car. Exploring Asian Istanbul throws up many delights that you will want to return to, month after month.

Kartal Istanbul Property Market

Buying Property in Kartal and Istanbul

The rich history, strong economy, and diverse culture make Kartal prime for real estate investment. In addition, Istanbul's location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia is an instant hit with investors and businesses from all over the globe. Istanbul offers thousands of properties for sale, ranging from apartments and villas to commercial properties and land. Whether you want a small city centre apartment or a luxurious outskirt villa, Istanbul accommodates every budget and preference.

Properties in Istanbul see an average annual appreciation rate of 10%, hence ideal for those banking on capital appreciation. At the same time, Kartal ticks all boxes for potential real estate investments that pay off. In Kartal, various apartment types are popular with home buyers. One style to look at is the large lifestyle residential complex. In these, apartments enjoy different onsite communal facilities.

Summary - Is Kartal a Good Area in Istanbul?

Young families love Kartal due to its local amenities, quick city commutes, and ideal areas for investment in Istanbul. The developing area focuses on significant improvements to suburbs and infrastructure, with numerous modern housing complexes of apartments being built, increasing amenities and a growing public transport system. Additionally, northern Kartal offers easy access to the famous Aydos forests. Finally, let's not forget the stunning shoreline directly opposite the exclusive Princess Islands. The name Kartal in Turkish means eagle, an apt reflection of standing proudly as an investment destination. So, if we have piqued your interest about investing in Kartal or other areas of Istanbul, there are three things you can do.

  • Browse our portfolio of apartments for sale in Asian Istanbul. Each listing contains everything to know, including price, location and home features.
  • Send us an email outlining your budget and preferences, and we will send a selection of properties for you to view at your leisure.
  • Drop into our Istanbul office, or contact us by telephone to speak with an agent about investing in the Kartal area and larger Istanbul.

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