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Why buy property in kalkan Turkey

Anyone looking to purchase property in the exclusive area of Kalkan for investment purposes are onto a winner, with most properties commanding very high rental prices, especially those that boast stunning sea views.

A useful tip when purchasing for investment is never compromise on the views available, a property with a panoramic view may set you back a little more, however, you will net the difference with the rental yields that follow. 

Luxury villas rent far quicker than apartments, though this will obviously depend on your initial budget, and property close to the centre and the beaches will again increase your bookings and maximise your income from any rental property in Kalkan

Buy new traditional property in Kalkan

New traditional property in Kalkan offers warmth and character with little snippets of history featured in new home construction to keep the history of the local history alive.

New traditional real estate in Kalkan is not as popular as modern homes, therefore prices for new traditional accommodation for sale can be much lower than the modern homes, unless new traditional accommodation in Kalkan is aimed at the luxury end of the market for high-end investment and this is when you can see prices reaching seven figures of any currency.

Kalkan new traditional property will most definitely offer you an exclusive lifestyle and a stunning sea view as home are built in elevated positions around the bay and most are also located within a short walking distance to the relaxed town centre.

Contact Turkey Homes when looking to buy new traditional property in Kalkan, and our friendly and dedicated team will direct you to the ideal home for you by taking your budget and lifestyle requirements into consideration and will guide you through every step of the property buying process.


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Traditional style luxurious villa for sale in Kalkan, Turkey. In stunning gardens with two pools. Ideal investment property with high rental yields.
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