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Why buy property in istanbul Turkey

When considering a property purchase in the wonderful city of Istanbul, firstly you need to decide why you are buying and your budget, Is it for pure investment for capital appreciation or rental yields? or is it a lifestyle change or holiday home for you and your family? 

Istanbul is like any other major city in the world, city centre and sea view properties come with a premium price tag, quite often with six-figure tags. 

Scores of overseas investors have zoned in on the city over recent years purchasing properties all across the city, cashing in on both short and long term rentals. Keen-eyed investors are buying off plan properties at launch prices where  property prices increase by at least 50% by the completion dates giving you guaranteed capital appreciation in very short space of time.

The are you choose is a very important factor along with your budget, home buyers with a high budget can purchase luxury Bosphorus properties, though low budget buyers should be looking in the new fashionable inner city areas of Beylikduzu, Esenyurt west of Ataturk International airport.

Green energy apartment in Istanbul for sale

Green energy apartment in Istanbul for sale are only recently appearing in the real estate market as we, the home buyer, are now beginning to see the importance of the global warming situation, therefore developers are striving to meet this new demand, incorporating energy saving devices into new modern homes.

If you are looking to buy green energy apartment in Istanbul, the choices are still quite limited, though we do expect to see many more appearing on the market quite soon, which will include water saving devices, solar panels, energy saving glass structures whereby the air trapped between the double or triple glazing will be used to heat or cool the apartment depending on the season, and prices are currently quite high though as competition mounts we do expect to see more affordable prices for green energy apartment in Istanbul.

These current high prices for green energy apartment in Istanbul may seem a little out of your range, however, if you look at the long term the savings made will soon outweigh that initial extra cost.

Contact Turkey Homes when searching for green energy apartment in Istanbul for sale, with your budget and requirements in mind we will direct you to the ideal home for you.

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Istanbul European , Istanbul 3 2

Centrally located quality Istanbul apartment for sale, Maslak. Located in a desirable complex with a range of facilities. Ideal investment in Turkey.
Luxury Modern Spa Nature View Prestigious Smart Home Investment Green Energy New Home
Sold Bahcesehir Eco-Friendly Homes, Istanbul - Glass facade

Istanbul European , Istanbul 3 3

Unique eco-technology apartments in Istanbul for sale . Energy saving and excellent styling in a complex with excellent on-site facilities.
Luxury Modern Health Spa Conceptual Green Energy

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