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Why buy property in ayvalik Turkey

Picking up a bargain seaside property is rare, in any part of the world, however, one of Turkey's close-kept secrets, Ayvalik you can if you act now. 

Turkish developers have only recently discovered the potential of this stunning area, you can quite easily pick up a bargain property safe in the knowledge that capital appreciation is a cert, whether it be a holiday home or a buy-to-let property for summer bookings. 

The village is sleepy for much of the year, but come the summer it comes alive with Turkish visitors and recently a slowly growing international crowd too, all looking for quality accommodation for their annual summer breaks, and has Ayvalik's visitors increase the type of accommodation they are searching for is becoming harder to find.

With property prices currently being far lower than those Bodrum, Fethiye, Kalkan and other popular resorts, you can possibly pick up two properties and watch your nest egg grow before your eyes, however, you must act fact before big investors zone in on the area.

Green-energy apartment for sale in Ayvalik

Browsing the Internet looking at prices for green energy apartment In Ayvalik, Turkey? -  The village of Ayvalik on the western coast of Turkey is a little hidden gem, a summer holiday destination that attracts mostly Turkish tourists and although a small and very traditional village, it is rather proud of its charm and well preserved ancient Greek history.

A village that sits around a stunning curving sandy bay, sun-kissed for an average of 300 days every year, therefore, you might expect that finding a green energy apartment in Ayvalik for sale would be easy, however, many home buyers and locals feel that the solar panels and water tanks on the roof of homes, that are seen in many other areas of Turkey, cast an ugly blot in the local landscapes, thus when looking to buy green energy apartment in Ayvalik the available options are very limited indeed.

You will find, however, that a green energy apartment in Ayvalik for sale will be a lot more advanced than other areas as the solar panels can often do more than offer hot water, as when you buy green energy apartment in Ayvalik the solar panels soak up more of the sun’s energy for use by home appliances too and these home are also often fitted with energy saving glass, and with all this your home will be very economical to run for most of the year.

Contact Turkey Homes when in search of prices for green energy apartment in Ayvalik and with your budget and requirements in mind, we will guide to your ideal Ayvalik real estate and assist you throughout the property in Turkey buying process.

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Completed investment opportunity in Turkey. Sustainable smart home apartment for sale in Altinova, Ayvalik. Self-sufficient energy produced by solar.
Sea View Smart Home Investment Green Energy Contemporary
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