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Why buy property in bolu Turkey

Bolu has always been a favourite getaway for Turkish people, especially those from Istanbul and Ankara, and is so far virtually unknown by foreign tourists, though this is very slowly changing, and real estate in Bolu is set to hot the investment market very soon.

Property in Bolu gives you all four seasons of activity, winters of ice skating on frozen lakes and skiing in the mountains, summers of swimming in the nearby Black Sea with the autumn and spring seasons being perfect for hiking, picnics, cycling and relaxing lakeside.

Currently property in Bolu is very attractively priced when compared to other tourist regions of Turkey, and now is the time to make a move to invest in the Bolu area, as the area will soon see prices escalate meeting the high prices of other areas and property will become limited with so much conservation land in the area restricting building, and once the area take off with foreign tourists rental yields will rise quite significantly.

Property for sale in BOLU Turkey

Bolu is a province of north-west Turkey, and a gateway to the two great cities of Istanbul and Ankara, ideally located between the two, but unlike these two cities, Bolu is Turkey’s answer to Switzerland, a stunning green province with natural lakes, national parks and snow-capped mountains and at the same time Bolu is also an important area of trade, industry, education and is slowly beginning to pay a part in tourism too.

Bolu attracts visitors who are just passing through, often stopping for light refreshments in the roadside restaurants, and it also attracts nature lovers who enjoy the stunning peaceful surroundings and skiers hosting the stunning ski resort of Kartalkaya which is in the top three ski resorts in Turkey located a short distance from the centre of Bolu.

Things to do and see in Bolu

Bolu has an area of over 7,000km2 and its mountains, parks and lakes are spread far and wide within its boundaries all offering something a little different, tastes of old Turkey in the town of Mudurnu with its traditional wooden houses, Yedigoller National Park, literally translated as ‘Seven Lakes is a stunning area for nature walks and peaceful picnics by one of its lakes.

Lake Abant has to be the most beautiful area of Bolu, found at an altitude of approximately 1500m, surrounded by dense green forests, with stunning water lilies floating on the lake, and in the winter its picturesque seen, as the water freezes over and you will often see visitors arriving to part take in ice skating across the lake.

Central Bolu is officially a city, though rather small and more resembling a large market town with Monday being market day, bustling with shoppers from the neighbouring villages with stalls lining the main shopping street, and the town is rather populated with students attending the Abant Izzet Baysal University, who help largely with the economy of the town along with the local Hazelnut supplies which are distributed all over Turkey, and the local natural soft spring water also gives Bolu a little fame.

Historically, the Bolu area has seen many eras’, seeing Byzantyne and Roman ruling until it fell under the Ottoman Empire ruling in the 14th century when it was given its current name, and this is the era that shops off some stunning architecture that still stands on show today with one of the finest examples of Ottoman Empire property in Bolu being the Kadı Mosque which was built in 1499, a must to visit to see the intricate Kundekari word work detailing which was developed way back in the Seljuk's in Anatolia.

Culinary delights - On your visits to Turkey you have no doubt sampled some very tasty traditional Turkish dishes, and there are many chefs’s in Turkey that have learnt their culinary skills in Bolu, a small town of Mengen some 58km from the centre which has produced some of the finest chefs in the country, some serving the prime minister and other government officials as well as some attached to top named hotels and restaurants around the country.

Real estate in Bolu

Property in Bolu has begun to attract new founded interest from clients from Gulf countries recently, an ideal nature property destination in Turkey for investors looking to achieve value for money prices, cheap apartments for sale in Bolu and extremely attractively priced land for sale, and with Bolu growing in popularity, there is a growing demand by foreign investors for custom built villas in Bolu for sale 

Accommodation in Bolu, Turkey

Most accommodation for sale in Bolu is apartments which are what the locals are used to, and villas for sale in Bolu are rare, however with new found custom building the face of Bolu is changing with stunning nature view Bolu villas for sale.

Why buy property in Bolu, Turkey?

A 2 bedroom apartment for sale in Bolu will command starting prices from as little as £48,000. With growing popularity to buy in Bolu, real estate price will effectively rise in coming years. Most of the apartments for sale in Bolu can be found in central areas with easy access to all the local amenities and shops.

Buying a custom made villa in Bolu with starting prices from £150,000 with spacious land plots, lots of added privacy making Bolu an ideal destination to invest.

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Centrally located penthouse for sale in Bolu. Close to all local amenities with excellent links to Istanbul and Ankara. Ideal investment in Turkey.
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