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Antalya Architecture

Review of the architecture in Antalya from its ancient past to today's modern buildings

Architecturally, Antalya city is as diverse as its history. Although thoroughly modern, with high rises filling a long brush stroke of the coast, historic districts such as Kaleici is a celebration of old Ottoman houses with their protruding cumbas (Bay Windows). Known as the Antalya Old Town, homes here are usually a mix between stone and wood, with more illustrious properties are often marked by ornate doors or window frames. Although they are no longer occupied for living, they remain archetypal examples of an Ottoman style home.

Anta;ya Kaleici Views

The Roman’s also left their mark on the town including Hadrian’s Gate that imposes itself on the entrance to the ancient part of the town. Travellers with a keen eye might also spot an Italian letterbox or two that were installed during Italy’s brief suzerainty of the area after the end of the First World War.

All throughout the province there are excellently preserved examples of Lycian, Roman and Ottoman buildings, pantheons and other structures, including the huge archaeological site of Patara that leads down to Patara beach. The Roman town of Side, where the open archaeological site meshes with modern tourism, with The Temple of Apollo sitting proudly at the sea-front and the end point of the path that runs through.

Apollo Temple Side

The ancient and early modern history of the region finds its way onto the façade of some of the private homes in Antalya. One of the remarkable things about the city is that its folklore and culture has remained intact in spite of its continued rapid growth. Newer architectural feats include a large aquarium, postmodern structures such as OzdilekPark shopping centre.

Ozdilek Park Shopping Centre Antalya

Contemporary homes now include wide glass fronts and geometric patterns that run across the façade. The area's unique marine heritage also influences architects to designs homes with hints of a sail or boat hull.

Antalya Contemporary Architecture Influenced by Ship Design

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