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Why buy property in kalkan Turkey

Anyone looking to purchase property in the exclusive area of Kalkan for investment purposes are onto a winner, with most properties commanding very high rental prices, especially those that boast stunning sea views.

A useful tip when purchasing for investment is never compromise on the views available, a property with a panoramic view may set you back a little more, however, you will net the difference with the rental yields that follow. 

Luxury villas rent far quicker than apartments, though this will obviously depend on your initial budget, and property close to the centre and the beaches will again increase your bookings and maximise your income from any rental property in Kalkan

Green energy villa in Kalkan for sale

Kalkan is widely modern and exclusive resort that sits on the stunning southwestern coastline of Turkey, where many new modern homes overlook a stunning turquoise bay.

Green energy villa in Kalkan for sale is not a common sight, as most developers believe that solar panels and water tanks on the roof are rather unsightly and they believe that they also spoilt the stunning views. If you are looking to buy green energy villa in Kalkan then we suggest you look at the more traditional type of property as these are most likely to have the panels and tanks supplying the hot water supply and these will show at lower prices for green energy villa in Kalkan than the newer homes.

Developers, however, are now beginning to see the importance of saving energy and have begun to incorporate more discreet ways to use solar panels though they are still slow appearing on the market being new to the area, therefore we will soon see a wider range of green energy villa in Kalkan for sale, with window blinds featuring solar panels and even energy saving glass structures, however with these costly fittings prices for green energy villa in Kalkan will be rather high.

Contact Turkey Homes when looking to buy green energy villa in Kalkan, with your budget and requirements in mind, we will direct you to the ideal home to suit your needs and guide you through the property buying process.

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Traditional Sea View Kalkan Villa - Breathtaking sea views
Traditional Sea View Kalkan Villa - Exrerior stone features

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Bargain priced private Kalkan villa for sale with stunning sea views, ample privacy, and a swimming pool. Ideal investment in Turkey or holiday home.
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