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NEWS Alanya, Manavgat and Fethiye to become provinces

19 Jun 2023

It is stated that 19 districts, including famous tourist resorts, will be provinces. MHP Chairman Devlet Bahceli made a speech at the last group meeting of his party on Tuesday. He said, "In the new century, it is possible for us to build and revive a Turkey that has strengthened with its administrative structure consisting of 100 provinces, 1000 districts." with his statement, eyes were turned to whether 19 more districts would be declared provinces.

According to information obtained by NTV, the MHP's new provincial and district proposal submitted to the AK Party in writing before the elections was received positively. The AK Party conducted concerned work on the Local Government Law before the May 14 elections, but it was shelved because the election was approaching.

According to the initiative, the criteria will be set out first for the new provinces and districts. To become a province, there are 8 criteria, such as the district population being at least 100 thousand and at least 30 kilometres from the city centre. The current urbanization, transportation situation, hinterland, economic diversity and educational status are also among the criteria for becoming a province.

Although there is no district mentioned so far, there are 24-25 districts that can meet the criteria; Inegöl, Alanya, Polatlı, Çorlu, Siverek, Nazilli, Cizre, Manavgat, Ünye, Edremit, Fethiye, Midyat, Yuksekova and Erciş are among them.

According to AK Party sources, the project will be returned to the agenda if President Erdogan and Bahceli come together and create a calendar. It is necessary to pass a law from the Parliament for new provinces and districts. The regulation is not expected to become law before the local elections to be held in March 2024. It is stated that it would be more appropriate to leave the planning process until after local administrations' elections.

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