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NEWS Antalya Expo : Turkey’s Best Event in 2016

26 Apr 2016

In a much-publicized hype of activity, one of the biggest events in Turkey’s social calendar opened its doors this month. Having already sold more than 1 million tickets and daytime passes, the Antalya Expo 2016, saw in an elaborate opening ceremony attended by the President and Prime Minister as well as diplomats from 52 other countries. The Antalya Expo will last all summer until October and during that time, visitors can expect a whole range of activities to enjoy but what exactly is it all about?

About the Antalya Expo 2016

The expo is an international, yearly botanical exhibition held every year in different countries. As one of the world’s largest fairs, it attracts a lot of attention and its 160 year history has seen many different themes that each focused on our planet and sustainable living. According to the official website, Antalya Expo 2016 can be summed up in one paragraph

“Turkey’s 2016 Horticultural Expo provides a unique opportunity for children to learn about and experience the environment around them, their natural resources and related ways of living while encouraging them to think about and generate solutions to the impacts that urban life has on them, and to share these ideas with the world.”

Covering a massive 121 hectares, various exhibitions, and themed areas have been landscaped and constructed to host the six-month event in Antalya that is Turkey’s second most visited holiday destination.

As well as an 80 square metre lake on the site, 120 different species of 25,000 trees have been planted, and amphitheatres will be the scene for concerts and performances highlighting the botanical and horticultural side of Turkey. The park boasts about Turkey’s version of the Eiffel Tower as well as an island, glass bridge, museums and science and technology centres.

The organizers have also been rather smart with the mascots for the event, that are Ece and Efe, two Turkish children wearing traditional nomad clothing that was popular in the Antalya region in days gone by. Considering the dilemma that faces the tourism sector of Turkey in 2016, organizers are confident the event will boost this and calm people’s fears about how safe it is to travel in the country.

Volunteers Needed

Anyone with time to spare that would like a new hobby this summer should look at the volunteering program. The Expo wants volunteers who speak a second language to welcome visitors in the following areas and sectors; Ask Me Guide, Country Garden, and guiding, animation, events, and kid’s activities. If you have free time to spare and are a sociable person, check out their volunteering scheme here.

How to Attend and Buy Tickets

For drivers, the Expo is in the Aksu district of Antalya that is 17 kilometres away from the city centre. It sites just off the popular D400 main coastal highway and is well sign-posted with directions. A rail transportation system from the city centre is still under construction but until then, intercity buses depart from the centre every 30 minutes.

The entrance fee for adults is 60 lira, children aged 7 to 30 can enter for half price while kids under 6 go free and tickets from the official website can be purchased online here. (English and Turkish version available.) As a family event and day out, children will certainly enjoy visiting the Antalya Expo 2016.

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