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NEWS Turkish Hairlines: 1 million hair transplantation operations in 2022

8 Jan 2023

Speaking about health tourism in Turkey, the president of the Turkish Health Tourism Association said that 1 million people had come to Turkey for hair transplantation in 2022.

President of the Turkish Health Tourism Association (TUSATDER) stated that half of the 4 billion dollar turnover obtained in 2022 was obtained from hair transplantation services and shared the following; "Assuming that the foreign exchange left by the average patient in hair transplantation is 2 thousand dollars, we can say that 1 million people came to Turkey for hair transplantation in 2022.”

$4 billion in spending on hospital services

He stated that the health tourism sector had spent 2022 very efficiently, adding 4 billion dollars of service exports to general hospital services. Stating that foreign tourists also showed massive interest in spa tourism, the president stressed that a figure exceeding $ 10 billion had been reached with the income received from spa tourism.

Expressing that hair transplantation was in a locomotive position in general health services; he said, "Dental services are also becoming widespread. We see that dental clinics have been opened in many parts of Turkey. If we can improve the quality of service, the health tourism sector will grow much more. The immediate goal of the health tourism sector is to reach a figure of 20 billion dollars. At the point we call core health care, we have a target of 5 billion dollars in 2023."

'Inspections should be tightened.'

He stated that the inspections should be tightened by the Ministry of Health, adding, "Businesses illegally operating should not be allowed. Such enterprises both spoil the image of our country and reverse the wind that is blowing positively at the moment. Unfortunately, we often see this and especially in hair transplantation. There is a section called the bagman (çantacı). They go outside our country and do hair transplantation illegally and smear the name of Turkish doctors and nurses. Whereas educational processes are being carried out in clinics and hospitals for a safe and healthy service.”

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