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NEWS 54th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival October 2017

19 Oct 2017

International Antalya Film Festival to bring together film professionals and filmmakers in Turkey with people of Antalya.

Among festivals held in Turkey each year, the International Antalya Film Festival, the first and the oldest in Turkey, is certainly the most popular event in the cinema world.

In fact the festival has undertaken the mission of pioneering in festival culture in the country. Antalya on the other hand is known as the heart of Turkish tourism (also referred to as Turkish Riviera) and it is obviously a good preference to hold this special event in this beautiful city.

The festival, which will be organized for the 54th time this year, is expected to bring together the film industry in Turkey with the world's film industry with the mission of becoming a communication and culture platform and aims to bring more voice to the international scene.

Mike Downey, a film-maker who has been involved in many festivals in Europe and has won numerous international awards, is the art director of the festival and Mirsad Purivatra a culture-art entrepreneur and Sarajevo Film Festival director is assigned consultant for the event. On the other hand, Zeynep Atakan, the Golden Palm Award-winning filmmaker, is the director of the Antalya Film Forum.

As for the mission of the festival, the event aims to create a pleasurable and productive atmosphere for all local and international film professionals, as well as to create a unique experience for the people of Antalya.

The festival is growing and seems to be enjoying more support this year with the "Antalya Film Forum" which has become one of the most important industry events in Europe. The Forum, aiming to host 200 international film professionals in Turkey and to meet Turkish cinema professionals, continues to support Turkish productions as usual.

The International Antalya Film Festival and the Antalya city offer a unique experience by bringing together film professionals and filmmakers in Turkey with traditional cortege and gala screenings as "a film-friendly region where cultures meet".

The event, which will bring together the names of the sector and the people of Antalya will take place between 21-27 October 2017 this year.


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