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NEWS Accommodation facilities fully booked in Uzungol, world famous tourism center of Trabzon

16 Jul 2018

It is reported that accommodation occupancy rate in Uzungol, world famous tourism center of Trabzon, has reached 60 percent and officials comment that the region has the capacity to accommodate a much higher capacity if need be and nobody will be left without accommodation. As a matter of fact in case need be some of the excessive potential could be shifted to other destinations in the region.

It is a fact that Uzungol is the most popular and favorable spot for the tourism industry in the region and tens of thousands of tourists – both local and foreign – visit this unparalleled place every year. It has often been a point of concern that the region does not have a sufficient capacity of accommodation facilities to host more people coming in.

The place has been enjoying a satisfactory interest from visitors this season as well with 60 percent occupancy rate and officials state that they would not leave anybody without accommodation in any case.

On the other hand it is observed that there is a certain increase in the number of tourists coming to the region compared to the past year. The region mainly used to receive rich Arab tourist in previous years whereas now visitors of lower-middle income levels also prefer to visit Uzungol. Prices and all other factors are under inspection of authorities to comfort tourists.

Uzungol is a popular tourism center of the Eastern Black Sea located at a height of 1250 meters at a distance of 20 km from Çaykara town. It stands out as a place of "Nature's Wonderfulness" with its natural beauties where forest ecosystem coexists with high mountain landscape and plateau ecosystem. Due to its natural and cultural values, Uzungöl, which was declared as Nature Park in 1989, attracts local and foreign tourists. The lake has an area of ​​500 thousand square meters.


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