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NEWS Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey make a brilliant start to the new tourism season

21 Jun 2018

With the Ramadan holiday in Turkey, Turks flocked to beaches in major tourism centers such as Kusadasi, Didim, Bodrum, Marmaris and Antalya. As foreign tourist groups from abroad came to visit those destinations at the same time, the country made a very good start to the new tourism season.

Kusadasi has been among the most prominent tourist destinations of Turkey for many years. Some of the holidaymakers preferred to swim in the coves at Dilek Peninsula Büyük Menderes Delta of Kuşadası and “Sevgi Beach” (Love Beach) and Kadınlar Plajı (Women’s Beach) while some preferred water parks to have fun.

Tourism officials in the town comment that the hotels serve with a 100% occupancy rate starting the first day of the holiday and added the region would have a very busy tourism season in the city after the elections, in particular.

In Didim the temperature of the sea water was 25 degrees with air temperature of 36 degrees during the holiday and tourists enjoyed their time at Altinkum Beach while some went on daily boat trips and swam in fantastic coves.

Officials in Didim also pointed out the holiday season had started very strong thanks to the Ramadan Holiday and there all hotels were full adding they expected the same dense business traffic after the holiday as well. They added it was very pleasing to see that demand from foreign guests contributed to business substantially.

The situation was no different in tourism regions such as Bodrum, Marmaris and Antalya where tourists rushed for the holiday. The main “high business” is expected to start right after the elections though which are very vital for Turkey.

After a period of interruption, the Turkish Tourism Sector has started to perform with full stream again and right after the elections Turkey may very likely enjoy the busiest time in its tourism history.
Considering that the country was not able to offer enough number of beds to incoming tourists a couple of decades ago only, Turkey surely deserves the admiration it has received from unbiased experts in the global tourism industry for the performance it has been displaying for quite a while now.

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