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NEWS Ambassador to Ankara thanks Turkey for medical aid sent to USA to be used in fight against Covid-19

28 Apr 2020

A military cargo plane carrying Turkey's medical aid to the United States one of the countries most affected by the Covid-19 outbreak has taken off from Ankara. Satterfield, the US Ambassador to Ankara, made a statement thanking Turkey in regards.

Turkey sent medical stuff such as surgical masks, visor, overalls, preventive N95 masks and other related supplies to support the USA, on of the most affected countries in the world in its fight against the outbreak. The materials prepared by the ministries of National Defense and Health were loaded onto a giant A-400m transport plane.

A Wise saying of world famous philosopher and poet Mevlana was printed on the packages of aid supplies to be transported by the plane departing from Etimesgut Military Airport to the United States. Mevlana’s saying read, “There are many hopes behind despair. There are many suns behind darkness”.

Thereafter David Satterfield, the U.S. Ambassador to Ankara made a written statement about Turkey's donation of medical supplies to the United States.

In his statement Satterfield said, “Close collaboration between allies and partners who share the same ideas is important to develop a fast and effective response at times of crisis such as the one the world has been experiencing for a while. None of us can do it alone. On behalf of the US government, I would like to thank our NATO ally Turkey for the generous donation made today to include medical equipment and other essential supplies”.

Satterfield also shared that said donation would be delivered today by Turkish A-400M military aircraft from Ankara to Andrews Air Base near Washington and went on to say;

"This donation will be received and evaluated by the Federal Emergency Relief Management Agency (FEMA). Related officials will ensure that those who need these materials most in the United States will benefit. This delivery shows that the relationship between the United States and Turkey is strong and one of our most important alliances. We look forward to continuing cooperation with Turkey on this issue and on many other common priorities. We thank the Turkish government and the nation for their support and friendship towards the American people."

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