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NEWS American soccer player prefers to stay in Turkey despite President Trump’s call to get back home

30 Mar 2020

US President Donald Trump called on citizens from all over the world to come to the US because of the corona virus, but Tyler Boyd who is a professional player of Besiktas Football Club rejected that call, saying “Turkey is safer”.

As cases of Corona virus are increase around the world, Tyler Boyd, a US citizen playing for Besiktas in Turkey, responded negative to President Donald Trump's call for citizens to '”come home”.

Boyd explained that he had decided to stay in Turkey despite Trump's call for his fellow citizens living abroad to return to the country as soon as possible. Speaking to a magazine, Boyd said he felt safe in Turkey.

25-year-old Boyd said: "I'm away from my family but I'm staying here. The borders are closed, I can't leave without any problems and I can't go back. I am staying in Turkey at this point. I feel safe here. I'm trying to stay as fit as I can, at home”.

Boyd also expressed that Besiktas (his club) managed the process very well and said, "We are constantly informed about the spread of the disease in Turkey and the measures taken by the club. There's really no group consensus on this. There really isn't a split either. The team bus, training facility and dining areas were sterilized. Players are checked frequently through a group message app. Besiktas are taking the outbreak very seriously. I never felt my safety was in danger”.

Boyd went on to say "It is not fair to ignore the measures taken. Halting the league was the right decision. Football is the biggest thing here and a lot of people are participating that is exactly why it was a great decision to halt the league. We're telling people to stay home and be safe”.

Describing how passionate the Besiktas fan was, Boyd said: "When they whistle at something you feel sort of a wind. They are incredibly passionate. They create a very good atmosphere for a footballer. Sometimes it's hard to lose because you get criticism on the street or in public. But it goes in both directions. When you win, you have the best feeling ever. I love this one. I love this culture. I love people. I love that passion."


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