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NEWS Ankara, the capital of Turkey aims to peak in the areas of thermal and health tourism

8 Sep 2020

Tourism professionals in Turkey have drawn attention to the point that Turkey has achieved exemplary success in the fight against coronavirus, which has brought life to the point of stopping and said that that the contribution of this success to health tourism will be reflected positively.

They note that Ankara's performance in health practices with city hospitals and University Hospitals are appreciated in particular, adding “Ankara will peak with health tourism.”

Reminding that a new era has begun with the epidemic and tourism criteria have changed, some experts say that Turkey which is of great importance in health tourism has stood out even more with its success in fighting coronavirus.

They say Ankara which is also the capital of thermal and health tourism has displayed its experience and knowledge during this time.

Professionals believe that after Covid-19, the elderly are likely to prefer thermal facilities to compensate for the time they will have stayed at home and protect their physical and mental health. Consequently, it is very likely that that Ankara will peak with health tourism in the future with the right strategies.

On the other hand, professionals emphasize that hospitals, thermal facilities and centers should be restructured in accordance with hygiene rules that have become important after the outbreak and note that promotional work is also important. Another note is that the administration is also aware of this reality and will most likely provide a stronger support to reach goals in this regard.


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