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NEWS Antalya Russian-Turkish Culture Festival 2016

7 Dec 2016

The Antalya area of Turkey has a Russian ex-pat community of around 9,000, and last weekend has seen the start of the seventh annual Russian-Turkish Culture Festival to be held at the Deepo Shopping Mall. Antalya’s friendly community always recommend events as such.

On Saturday the 3rd of December, the festival has seen Russian and Turkish art exhibitions by young children from all over the Antalya region, live music by the municipal music band, and a children’s talent completion, with a live puppet show also kept the children entertained.

Whilst last Sunday the 4th of December there were more singing and dancing from the children, and the local youth choir, with circus performers and acrobats also took the stage. Guests are offered samples of some tasty Russian and Turkish dishes – and all in the name of fun in this multi-cultural modern city.

Mrs Irina Balci of Antalya Cultural and Art Organisation Chairman has commented, ‘’ We are celebrating our close ties between the Russian and Turkish people here in Antalya. It has been a successful event. We organised this event with Russian Art & Cultural Organisation and Antalya Deepo Shopping Mall Management. We are here to send warm welcome and best wishes for Russian and Turkish friendship in Antalya, as Russians living here in Antalya we are extremely happy with the hospitality that we receive, everything is beautiful in here. Our cultural and tourism connection with Antalya growing year after year and very pleased to see more Russians like me coming every year to settle in Antalya. As a Russian-Turkish citizen being married to a Turkish person, it is beautiful to see children in here with their Russian-Turkish parents. These children are our future, these children are representing the bond between Russian and Turkish people here in Antalya. ‘’


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