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NEWS Antalya Tourism 2020 Update

15 May 2020

Like all other destinations, the Antalya tourism industry in 2020 got off to a terrible start. When the official tourism season ended in 2019, the region was flying high having hosted a record number of 14 million tourists. By the time January clocked into action, the coronavirus was already spreading around the globe. From January to March of this year, foreign tourism in Turkey dropped a staggering 67% year-on-year, and the industry lost billions of dollars in revenue.

However, although Turkey expects revenue and visitor figures to be down for 2020, it is still kicking into action with a plan to revive tourism in a post coronavirus world. Turkey’s tourism industry is in the top-earning brackets of the economy, with millions relying on it for income. The Antalya region is the second most popular destination, and much attention will be paid to how they implement Turkey’s new rules for a corona free environment.

The Antalya Tourism Industry in 2020

With major destinations like Istanbul and Antalya heading the tourism industry, many eyes will be on them as they implement Turkey’s new plan of action. The government has tackled this in two stages; domestic and international niches. They aim to resume full services across the board by the end of May, which is also the Ramadan festival Eid Ul-Fitr.

The country will then open flights to the international market by the end of June, although officials understand arrival figures will depend on other countries’ travel rules. Many industry insiders also expect domestic tourism to carry the market through the year.

Part of the extra measures includes certification based on a business’s adherence to cleanliness, social distancing protocol, and the ability to test on-site. Tourism reps say the standard open buffet system, as seen in many all-inclusive hotels, will be phased out. Likewise, organised tour operators will be required to lessen the number of people, even if it drives costs up. Touristic sites, hotels and airports will see on-site testing in the form of thermal cameras.

An Increase in Villa Rentals

Meanwhile, over in Kalkan, local agencies are seeing a rise in enquires for villa rentals from Turkish people planning their holidays for later in the year. The Kalkan district on the outskirts of the Antalya region is known for its large, luxury villas with oodles of space, and privacy.

As Antalya moves into an era where social distancing becomes the new norm, holidaymakers are turning away from the all-inclusive hotels to private villa rentals where minimum contact and peace of mind for cleanliness is guaranteed.

Most of the villas in Kalkan also include infinity pools and floor to ceiling windows for a stunning Mediterranean Sea view, so holidaymakers in their endeavour to keep corona free, don’t have to compromise on quality.

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