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NEWS Bank accounts can be opened digitally without going to the branch, from 1 January 2021

24 Sep 2020

From 1 January 2021, a bank account can be opened digitally without going to the branch, without the need for a wet signature. Citizens will be able to open a bank account in no more than 10 minutes without having to go anywhere. In the new era, it will be possible to become new customers with remote authentication, and existing customers will be able realize banking transactions.

Remote identification will be possible with the draft “communique on remote identification methods to be used by banks” prepared by the Banking Regulatory and Supervisory Authority (BRSA). Remote identification with video calling is used in countries such as Germany, Spain, France and Estonia. Digital remote identification was made possible by a law change in June this year.

The draft communique submitted for consideration will also come into force from January 1, 2021. By remote identification, it will be possible to practice customer registration and banking transactions on from digital media without the need for the customer to go to the bank branch. In the method to be applied, the customer will usually be able to use the bank services by making identification with videoconferencing via an application. BRSA (BDDK) will require the creation of the necessary level of security and privacy in video calling. A video call will be made using encrypted-secure communication. BRSA officials noted that work is ongoing on identification documents, security elements and verification of documents that can be used in the identification process with video calls.

In the draft communique, the principles to be followed in the process of remote identification with video calling were determined. Accordingly, before the start of remote identification, the person's application will be taken with a form and risk assessment will be carried out about the person using the data. The explicit consent of the person will be recorded. The video call will be made in real time and without interruption. The integrity and confidentiality of audiovisual communication between the customer representative and the person will be ensured at an adequate level.

Customer representative will ensure several points as follows:

-The enlarged images cut from the movement (in video) of concerned person are adequate
-The identity document is visually distinguishable at a right angle and fully covered
-There is no artifice at the transition points between the sections of the identity document showing the alterations etc…

The customer representative, with the help of psychological interrogations and observations in the identification process, will conclude that the information in the identity document, the information provided by the person during the interview, and the stated intention are credible and sufficient. For this purpose, the rep will ask questions about the person's age, as well as the date and place of birth on the identity document, for example, to check the accuracy of the photo on the identity document.

Techniques will be used to detect a person's vitality. A biometric comparison of the person's face and the photo contained in the identity document will be made. The customer representative will ensure that the photo and personal information on the identity document used matches the person. The consistency of the photo, date of issue and date of birth contained in the identification document will be checked.


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