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NEWS Based on report by Ministry of Health, Turkey has vaccinated about 52 million people

3 Jul 2021

The total number of people vaccinated against coronavirus in Turkey has exceeded 51 million 860 thousand, while the number of citizens with two doses of the vaccine has reached 15 million.

The number of people given two doses of the vaccine across the country has exceeded 15 million as part of the Health Ministry's fight against coronavirus.


223 thousand 525 Kovid-19 tests were performed in Turkey in the last 24 hours, 5 thousand 283 people tested positive, 58 people lost their lives, the number of patients was recorded as 431.

The number of people who recovered with the end of Kovid-19 treatment or quarantine increased to 5,280,558. The number of tests reached 60 million 328 thousand 966, the number of cases was 5 million 414 thousand 310, and the number of deaths was 49 thousand 634.

Turkey met the covid-19 outbreak relatively late. At first, while European countries were suffering from the disease, there were hardly any cases reported in Turkey. Thereafter however the disease, which developed intensively and rapidly, created great distress for the country.

Meanwhile, the disease spread rapidly due to political party meetings, ongoing daily life, and an organization that failed and failed to provide vaccines, as well.

The administration eventually decided on a 17-day shutdown and was able to largely provide the necessary vaccines.

According to the latest picture, the spread of the disease has been relatively controlled, and positive cases and deaths have significantly decreased. Thus, the country has been made relatively suitable in terms of health of tourists who want to come from abroad.

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