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NEWS Bill Gates wants to buy large pieces of agricultural land in Turkey

11 Nov 2021

The fact that Microsoft founder Bill Gates who ended his 27-year marriage recently, has been vacationing in Turkey in recent weeks has attracted the attention of the US press. Sources who have spoken to the New York Post have made a remarkable claim.

It turned out that Microsoft founder Bill Gates who celebrated his birthday on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts with close friends, including Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has plans to buy land in Turkey.

Sources close to Gates, who was on vacation in Turkey before attending the United Nations Climate Summit, made statements to the New York Post, one of the most widely read US newspapers.

They said "Bill Gates is looking at hundreds of hectares of land”. Same sources also stressed that Gates, who together with his ex-wife manages the $ 50 billion “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation”, had a desire to "create a very large sustainable agriculture" for his foundation.

As it is known, Turkey is also an agricultural country and has opportunities to produce food for very large masses inside and outside the country. It goes without saying the country would welcome any foreign direct investment to contribute in terms of generating foreign revenues and additional employment.

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