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NEWS Black Sea Summit 2017

26 May 2017

Turkish President says ''peace and stability are necessary for investment in the Black Sea Region.''

The Istanbul Black Sea Economic Cooperation Summit” took place under the auspices of President Erdogan on which occasion participants shared their views and opinions about how to improve relations between the countries in the region.

Addressing the leaders of the members of the BSEC at the summit, President Erdogan emphasized that peace and stability were necessary elements for investment in the region.

President Erdogan made the opening speech and emphasized the interdependence of the “Black Sea” ports which all the members of the organisation benefit from, adding "All the ports in the Black Sea are like shops in the same bazaar". Erdogan said “Turkey has been coordinating five working groups and we wish that each member state undertakes the coordination of at least one group."

The Turkish President also mentioned that it would be possible to make the organisation more dynamic on condition the the participation level in working groups could be increased.

He said “If we attach more importance on the projects that address the daily lives of the people in the streets we will certainly be on the right track. A good example for this is The Black Sea Ring Highway Project in which we completed our part of the project 10 years ago. Similarly we have carried out major transportation projects over and under the Bosporus. In case other countries complete similar projects, we will have a network of transport that surrounds the Black Sea to bring our peoples together."

It was shared by President Erdogan that the meeting of economy ministers and the agriculture ministers meeting were held on May 11 and May 17, respectively and health ministers would be hosted in Turkey, on June 21.

The President also said "Today's summit has been helpful to discuss the issues related to both the future of the organisation and our bilateral relations, at the highest level.

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