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NEWS Bodrum has long become a global brand in the world tourism sector

14 Jan 2018

Bodrum which has long become a global brand in the world tourism sector participated in the Tourism Fair in Utrecht, the Netherlands. “The Bodrum Promotion Foundation” which carries out promotional activities for the town made the organization and hired a 100 square meter stand at the show to enable more potential visitors to get to know about the features the town can offer. The stand received visitors from prominent tour operators of Europe.

Bodrum on the contrary to many other top holiday destinations in Turkey as well as Europe most probably is very unique in the sense that a visitor coming to this spot “lives the city”, feels he/she is a part of the city before long, rather than spending a sun and sea holiday, only. In other words, Bodrum is a very much living town. It goes without saying the town owes this very unique character to many features it is in possession of, such as authenticity, ambiance, beautiful weather, the sea, culinary and entertainment facilities and other alternatives it offers not to forget its friendly inhabitants.

Based on reports from official authorities interest in Bodrum has increased as far as preferences of European tourists are concerned. On the other hand statistics show the number of tourists coming to Bodrum has increased by 50 percent based on a comparison between 2014 and 2017.

The good news is following some tough issues (politics and economy) experienced by Turkey in 2016 mainly, the image of Turkey has recovered in the eyes of European tourists and made a visit to this country attractive again, especially considering high costs they would have to bear on a holiday in Spain which would be a tough competitor to Turkey.

Bodrum has been engraved in memories of many foreign visitors in time either due to the wonderful and unique time they spent in this town in the past or because they have visited Bodrum stand at international shows and made a note to visit this town at their earliest convenience.

On the other hand, the extra efforts spent by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to promote holiday destinations in Turkey are praiseworthy.


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