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NEWS Britain's Ambassador to Ankara says 3 million British tourists expected to visit Turkey in 2018

15 May 2018

Relations between Turkey and UK have been improving in all areas for quite a while. Mutual visits by politicians from 2 countries, joint venture projects and support from Great Britain on international arenas are all points to verify this observation.

Tourism is a field that definitely contributes to this picture as well and Turkey is preparing to receive more tourists from UK this year.

Britain's Ambassador to Ankara Chilcott who has started to become quite popular on the media thanks to his statements regarding the good relations between both countries has most recently shared his observations about British tourists expected to visit Turkey this year.

The Ambassador has said: “It is likely that tourists from UK will break a record this year. The reason is a very fast come-back situation is in question. Therefore we are excited and we expect three million British tourists to come to Turkey”

The British Ambassador who was in Antalya for various contacts paid a visit to Münir Karaloglu, Antalya Governor. Mr. Chilcott, who made a part of his speech in Turkish, stated that he had been serving as Ankara Ambassador for about 4 months. The ambassador pointed out British tourists had started to discover Antalya and three million British tourists were expected to visit Turkey in 2018”.

The ambassador also expressed that British tourists did not prefer Antalya for nature, beauty and a good holiday in Antalya but also because it was a safe city. He added that they would do their utmost to ensure more British tourists came to Turkey and they could spend their holidays in this country the best way possible.

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