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NEWS British Ambassador to Turkey says "Erdogan's visit to England is an important step"

15 May 2018

Prior to President Erdogan’s visit to UK Dominick Chilcott, British Ambassador to Turkey has made some important statements about the relations between UK and Turkey. The Ambassador has said "This was an expected visit, and it will be an important step for the development of the business cooperation for both sides".

It is a known fact that UK and Turkey have been developing their mutual relations in a most positive manner for several years now and in fact UK has supported Turkey regarding issues on international arena, on many occasions.

Referring to concerned visit to be realized by Erdogan next week, the ambassador said “This will be an important step for the development of the cooperation between two parties.

The ambassador also noted that there was a significant collaboration between the two countries and added UK would be very pleased to welcome President Erdogan in London next week on which occasion Turkey’s President would have important meetings with both the government and the queen.

Chilcott emphasized that the visit was an important step for both sides and shared following: "It is an expected visit. The development of cooperation will be an important step for both the UK and Turkey. On this occasion issues such as security policies, fight against terrorism, irregular migration and the future agenda of cooperation in the fight against organized crime will be on the table. Bilateral trade relations and tourism will also be discussed. I think it will be a visit to discuss and evaluate opportunities”.

On the other hand the ambassador also reminded that both countries had signed a strategic cooperation agreement regarding production of Turkish warplanes. He added "I'm sure this will be discussed as well. Based on our observations, both parties are satisfied with the progress of this project”.

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