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NEWS British citizens flock to Turkey for various surgeries and related health services

17 Apr 2023

A prominent British newspaper wrote that British citizens were flocking to Turkey for various surgeries.

The newspaper shared content with the title "Why do British people go to Turkey for surgery?” and discussed reasons for a concerned picture relating to Turkey's health tourism.

The news noted that 1.2 million health tourists came to Turkey yearly, noting “150 thousand of said visitors were from the United Kingdom.”

In the article, the hospitals and the health system in Turkey also received praise and the cumbersome nature of the British health system was underlined.

In the news, which drew attention to the fact that some patients in the UK had to wait in line for 3 years for surgery, it was stated that Turkey's annual health tourism revenue was $ 2.5 billion.

The news also explained that the British preferred Turkey, especially for dental treatments and eye and weight loss surgeries. The news said the cost of a 1-week dental treatment package was 3,974 dollars (3,215 GBP).

According to the Turkish Health Tourism Association (TÜSATTER) data, Turkey's health tourism cake has been divided into 50 percent hair and 50 percent others for the last 10 years. 75 Percent of men worldwide have hair problems, corresponding to a potential for 2 billion hair implants.

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