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NEWS British tourist prefer Turkey for summer holidays in 2019

25 Dec 2018

Turkey continues to be among the most favorable holiday destinations among British tourists in an increasing manner. Looking at the number of British citizens who have bought houses in places such as Fethiye, Bodrum, Antalya etc. in Turkey, it is no wonder the number of British tourists visiting this country has been on the rise in the last decade in specific.

Meanwhile, it was reported in a very prominent newspaper published in UK that following the debates for separation from the EU (European Union) many tourists from Britain had a tendency to prefer Turkey for holidays in 2019.

The paper based this piece of news on one of the largest travel agencies in UK, emphasizing serious drops were observed in reservations to some of Europe’s most popular destinations such as Spain and the Canary Islands. It was also mentioned in the news that bookings to countries such as Turkey had almost doubled.

The news also shared that British Prime Minister Theresa May's postponement of the Brexit vote at the House of Commons and the strengthening of Euro against Sterling could be among reasons to cause this development. As it was reported a short while ago, Brexit Agreement made by EU was to be voted at the House of Commons on Tuesday (December 11th) but the vote was postponed to an indefinite date after Christmas, until 21 January.

It is a well-known fact that thousands of British citizens who have settled down in Turkey have always been a good reference for Turkey thus motivating many more Brits to come over and see this beautiful country. On the other hand, the fact that house prices are very convenient in Turkey has also been very important to influence many foreigners to include of British origin to buy property in Turkey and settle down in this country.


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