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NEWS CEO of Jet2 Holidays says Turkey has experienced rapid growth in tourism, and its hotels surpass those in Europe

27 Nov 2023

Jet2's CEO, Steve Heapy, once again emphasized the importance of pricing in his speech to Antalya tourism professionals. Speaking at the Resort Congress, Heapy highlighted Turkey's advantages in tourism competition. He noted that Turkey had experienced rapid growth in tourism, and its hotels surpassed those in Europe. He noted following; "The increase in the number of visitors to Turkey is significantly contributed by airports. Many people from various European countries can come to Turkey because many airlines have started flying to Turkey."

Heapy pointed out that substantial investments had been made in Turkey's tourism infrastructure, with state support for the sector. He emphasized that Turkey's airport capacities exceeded those in European countries, and additionally, European countries lacked accommodation for hotel staff. He highlighted the absence of state support for tourism in Spain as an example.

He also mentioned that Turkey offered a diverse holiday experience, attracting British guests with its natural and historical beauty. He stated, "Our guests have realized that there is much to see and do outside the hotel. Customers are now more cost-conscious in Turkey. The ability to buy more in Turkey makes customers loyal to the country. Turkey is a destination that can offer a versatile holiday experience. Customers want tourism at an affordable level."

Heapy concluded by expressing his positive views on Turkey's growth in world tourism, citing its historical sites such as Cappadocia, Pamukkale, and Göbeklitepe. He commended the Turkish government's strategic focus on infrastructure and diversification of tourism. He also praised Turkish hotels for significant investments in improving comfort, hygiene, and food standards, noting the positive impact of Turkish hotels investing in solar panels, which he believed would provide a significant marketing advantage.

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