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NEWS Christmas wreaths made in Antalya are exported all over the world

28 Nov 2018

Among Turkey’s many export items, Christmas wreaths made in the Antalya region and exported all over the world have a unique place. In fact, it is reported that Turkey expects revenue of over US$ 10 million from wreath exports this year.

The wreaths produced in Antalya for Christmas and New Year are exported to all corners of the world. Professionals in the sector say this year's wreath exports are expected to exceed $ 10 million. Since 1990s, florists and companies in ornament plant business in the Antalya region have been producing wreaths, exported all over the world for Christmas and New Year.

It is reported that these wreaths used by Christians in areas such as doors, cemeteries and dining tables are mostly made of natural forest waste such as pine waste, pine cone, sandalwood and myrtle fruit etc. They are prepared by housewives in Antalya region according to the orders placed by exporter companies until the first week of December.

It is also noted that this business has been a considerable source of revenue for many women living in Antalya since 1990s and the products are exported to over 20 countries to include Netherlands, England, Germany, Denmark, Slovenia, Japan, Canada and China.

Professionals involved in the sector emphasize that flowers as well as wreaths produced in the region are preferred by foreign buyers because this region delivers quality and fashionable design.

Like at workshops owned by the flower companies, wreaths are also made by housewives living in downtown Antalya and women in surrounding villages.

Companies exporting these products abroad use frigorific trucks or air transportation and reach sales figures as high as 200 thousand units each year, most of the activity to be conducted towards year end.


Photo Credit - Hurriyet Daily News 

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